Staying Mentally Healthy During Separation


They say that buying a house is the most stressful thing that you can go through. However, after that house has become a home, and that home breaks apart, few things can be more stressful. Multiply this many times over if there happen to be children in the mix.

Mental Health Effects:

Stress is an essential element in life, strange as that might sound. Stress enables us to go about our day to day tasks, go to the shops for food – a little stress is essential. However, the stress of a breakdown in relationship is at the opposite end of the spectrum altogether. And high levels stress, over a sustained time period, can have serious implications for your mental wellbeing. Life doesn’t just come to a halt because you are separating from your spouse or partner. Your job still has to be attended, and smaller stresses associated with your day to day work can all of a sudden seem massive too. It’s easy for it to become overwhelming.

Dealing With Conflict:

Nobody likes confrontational situations, especially when it comes to personal matters. It can be very hard to reach resolution, when both sides feel they are right (there might not even be a right or wrong side). And it can easily happen that a conflict goes on for so long that both sides have forgotten what the original quarrel was over. In times like this, independent mediation may be required, and Family Law solicitors may be required for both sides. Arranging something like this can help bring clarity to the process.  Don’t hesitate to contact Solicitors Guru if you have any questions.

How to Handle Stress:

One of the most important things you can do to manage your stress levels is to get your breathing under control. If you are feeling extra stressed, your breathing is affected. Try to control your breathing, so it becomes slower, more regular in pace. Doing this one thing can have a dramatic effect on your stress levels in just a few minutes. Take the time to grab some fresh air, if needs be, as well. While taking this break, attempt to totally clear your mind. Focus on nothing but breathing. This one exercise will enable you to get a good handle on your stress levels, enabling you to think clearer.

Stay the Course:

It can be hard to see an end to the whole process of separation. Fighting over the most trivial of things can make the whole thing seem like an eternity. But nothing is forever. So it’s important that, if you feel extra stressed out, to visualize a brighter future. Ask yourself  “will things still seem as bad, as they do right now, in 5 years time”? Of course, 99 times out of 100, the answer to this will be a resounding NO. So, while it’s very stressful right now, you need to remind yourself that this feeling is temporary, and although may seem all important right now, in the future, won’t matter nearly as much as it may seem.

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