Staying Fit on Vacation

Man Plowing Snow with Skis ca. 2001 Colorado, USA

staying fit on vacationStaying fit on vacation isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be. Our health and fitness is something that a lot of us take for granted. People enjoy going away for a couple of weeks once a year and all diets and exercise regimens get thrown out the window, meaning a holiday a time for overeating, overdrinking and generally not a lot of activity being done. This is something that is starting to change, and people are beginning to look for active holidays that they can go on, which also gives people plenty of much needed exercise and the opportunity to experience and embrace the local culture of the the chosen destination.
Winter Sports

Winter has always been a popular time for skiing holidays. With the standards of resorts being improved and upgraded and the advent of the popularity of snowboarding, going away in the snow is a great way of having an active holiday while also being able to enjoy the Après-ski as well, more commonly known as eating, drinking and socializing. You may think that going up a mountain on a lift and standing on a pair of skis or a snowboard is not that energetic, but you would be surprised at the amount of muscles that you use in these sports. You will be stiff and sore from a full day’s skiing or boarding if you are not a very active person. Being at altitude also plays a part as there is much less oxygen at altitude than at sea level. After your day on the slopes you can always go ice skating at the local rink or go for a walk and take in the great mountain air and scenery.


Another popular sport on the rise with tourists is cycling. From riding on roads to off road mountain-biking, people are enjoying getting on the saddle and exploring the country at their own pace. For the more advanced cyclists or mountain-bikers, a lot of winter ski resorts offer these excursions during the spring and summer months when most of the snow has gone (unless they are on a glacier). If you are looking for something a little slower paced and with fewer steep inclines, Spain offers a wide variety of great cycling suitable for all levels of fitness. There are tour companies which cater a route specifically for you and your ability level to ensure that you are never out of your depth. On a private tour, you will be able to go at your own pace and not have to worry about holding everybody else back. Riding through the countryside on a bike is a great way to pick up and see things that you would normally not notice. You are sure to be able to find some quality little cafes or bards on the route as well so there is plenty of chance to stop off for refreshments along the way.

Water Sports

There are a host of aquatic sports available which provide great exercise and plenty of fun–jet-skiing, snorkeling. scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, or swimming to name a few.

On your average seaside holiday, most of the above activities will be offered, or at the very least available to do independently. Some of these are simply to just do yourself (swimming or snorkeling), but some of the other sports not only require specialized equipment but also training (scuba diving or windsurfing). Some people will go to a specific location solely with the intent to follow their passion regarding this latter category. For example, many people holiday to places like Thailand and the Philippines just to go diving in majestic environments.

Golf Holidays

Golf is one sport where a lot of participants will go away on holiday purely for the sport, so they can play in a specific area or on a specific golf course such as St. Andrews in Scotland. After playing at least 18 holes over four hours, and carrying a loaded golf bag around, it should come as little surprise how much exercise you get–especially if you are hooking all of your shots!

There are plenty more sports and physical activities which you can partake in while on your holiday abroad and a full list can be found at gumtree. It is a very personal thing as what you like to do, but you should try to include some activities on your next cheap holiday which get the heart racing and give you some exercise. It will make you feel better and look better in the long run, and give you plenty of memories to take home from the trip. Going on holiday does not mean you have to drink and eat until you cannot move.  Sure, it is nice to indulge once in a while, but the last thing you want to do is spend your entire holiday being nocturnal, and not even see the sun or sights wherever you decided to go. Forget the excuses, because now staying fit on vacation is easy! To learn more about staying healthy during vaction, visit the Kymtom blog.

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    When I go on holiday I love to pack in the exercise, especially if it’s something I can’t do back at home, like water or winter sports. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn some new skills 🙂

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