Staying Fit and Active During the Cold Weather Months


Maybe you’re one of those fortunate people who lives somewhere that doesn’t get too cold.  I am not one of those people. It gets cold.  It gets snowy.  It gets windy.  It gets miserable.  Eww, I’m not looking forward to it!cold weather tips

Now that the weather is turning cooler, it is way too easy to just hunker down on the couch under a blanket with a book, or your favorite TV show. That’s ok in moderation, of course, but here are some tips to keep you active during these upcoming cold weather months!

1. Walk the pooch.  This is a great one.  Don’t have a dog?  Offer to walk the neighbor’s dog.  Or just go for a walk.  It’s a great way to clear your head, and the cooler air can be refreshing!

2. Deep clean the house.  Who doesn’t love a clean house?  Burning calories doesn’t always require workout clothes and fitness equipment.  Vacuum the floors, wash down walls, re-organize a closet….the possibilities are endless!

3. Go to the mall.  You needed that new pair of pants anyway, didn’t you?!? Whether you buy anything or not, you’re up and moving, and you’re burning calories.

4. Workout DVD’s.  They’re out there, we all know this.  Whether you do Insanity, Jillian Michaels, or that zumba DVD you picked up for a couple bucks last month, these living-room workouts can really help get your heart pumping and your muscles toned.

5. Play in the snow!  You loved it as a child, why not go out and enjoy it as an adult?  I built a snowman with my son last winter and I think I had more fun than he did!  Make snow angels, make a fort, make a snowman.  Just have fun – that’s the only rule.  It’s probably more of a workout than you realize!

6. Run.  Some people don’t like the thought of getting out in the cold weather to run, but it can really be good for you.  Just make sure you have the proper clothing, enough layers, and are well-hydrated.  As mentioned above, the fresh air can really make you feel refreshed.  Signing up for a race is a great way to keep yourself motivated, also.  Cool weather races are so much fun!

7. Go to the gym. If you just can’t handle the thought of going out in thirty degree weather to run, you can always go to the gym.  Don’t like the thought of paying for a membership?  Check out your local community center, or fitness center at your place of employent, if available.  Fitness equipment is also often available on sites such as craigslist for highly discounted prices.

8. Play with your kids.  If you have young children, you know just how active they are!  Chase them around, play hide-and-seek, get down on the floor to play games.  It all beats being a couch-potato, and will probably burn more calories than you think.

It’s easy to get into the winter-funk.  Make it your goal this season to stay active throughout these cold months.  You definitely won’t regret it come spring, when your body is still in great form!

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    • Chris
    • October 8, 2012

    I surely don’t appreciate winter to come. We are not even there and I believe I will be freezing to death. Right, a bit of exaggeration.
    You have some nice tips. There will be a lot of work in the house and of course the parking lot that is farer away from work also always works …

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