Have You Smudged Your Home this Year?


smudge your homeYou’re likely wondering what I’m talking about.  Unless you study Feng Shui or practice in New Age philosophies, “Smudging” will not be a familiar term.  I am speaking specifically from a Feng Shui perspective on this, however it is actually a Native American practice, used to heal or cleanse.  Smudging is the burning of herbs, usually sage.  The purpose of Smudging is to cleanse your space – be it a workspace, or your home, or wherever.   This involves moving through your space using the smoke from the burning herbs to “cleanse” your home.

Smudge Your Home

Energy builds within a space, and smudging is a way to move that energy, and purify your area.  Now you may ask why you would feel the need to cleanse a space.  Think of it like this – you may have had some bad things happen over the last 6 months.  Perhaps a loved one became ill, or someone lost a job.  If a lot of negative energy is in your home, that energy tends to sit in that space until or unless it is moved.  How do you feel when you walk into a hospital?  Likely not so great.  Hospitals tend to be holding chambers for some of the most negative energy – that being the energy of many ill people, and a lot of sad people visiting those sick people.  The last thing you want in your home or business is stagnant, negative energy.

Reasons to Smudge Your Home

  • If you’re trying to sell your home, some people believe that their home will sell faster if it is smudged
  • You’ve done a major renovation and had many people through your home with a lot of commotion
  • You’re moving into a resale home and want a fresh start without anyone else’s remnant energy

What You Need to Smudge Your Home

  • Sage or cedar.  I prefer to use sage – a bundle over loose leaves
  • A lighter
  • Something to hold the ashes (I use a large shell, shaped like a bowl)
  • A quiet space – it isn’t a good idea to have chaos or even anyone else around when you’re doing this.
  • A calm and happy state of mind (this is VERY important – don’t have an unresolved argument with your significant other and think it’s a good time to smudge)

How to Smudge Your Home

I usually start in the center of my home on the bottom floor (lowest level) and I first smudge myself starting from the feet moving up to my head.  This is to ensure my own energy that will be passing through the home is cleansed first.  Then I work throughout all spaces, ensuring the smoke from the burning sage reaches all corners of the ceiling and in every nook and cranny of the space.

You can say positive affirmations to yourself as you’re doing it; some may choose to pray, some may be silent with good thoughts in their head.  Really, this part is all about what you believe in, and what positive energy you can replace through your home/space.  It is important to open the windows to allow for the smoke and negative energy to leave your home.  Plus the smell of sage is quite strong and you may not want that smell to linger.

Smudging is something I do about every 6 months or so.  Your home will feel lighter, airy and more welcoming.  To keep your home feeling this way longer, burn incense regularly (I usually opt for Sandalwood), and open windows.  It’s like a mini-cleanse when you burn incense, and it leaves you with an uplifted feeling.  Give it a shot – I started this ritual a few years ago and it’s one I will never stop!

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