Smart Poppy Seed Recipes


poppy seed kolacheDon’t you love finding an easy secret to use in the kitchen? Even better, isn’t it a wonderful feeling when people enter your home and automatically stop to ask, “Wow, what is that smell? Something smells delicious!” Eating something with a unique, pleasant taste stays with you – you don’t forget about it. In fact, when something appeals to your senses of taste and smell, you want it again or, even better, you want to know how to prepare it for yourself. Among the staples in your cabinet, you probably don’t have poppy seeds, do you? After you visit the Smart Poppy Seed Company and find out all of the wonders of this tiny, delectable treat, you will quickly become a fan.

Lemon Poppy Seed Short Bread is one of the most delectable and simple featured recipes. Food stylist, writer and culinary artist, Patrick Decker, has created an entire menu of recipes that include the poppy seed. Lemon poppy seeds have a tart, pungent taste that balances with a sweet, nutty flavor for the perfect complement to most dessert recipes. But the benefits aren’t just limited to desserts… the crisp, tangy flavor will add the perfect zest to a baked chicken dinner, leaving your guests to secretly envy. You’ll have guests begging for your recipes and you can secretly smile, knowing that you simply discovered the wonder of the poppyseed.

There are many health benefits that accompany this tiny wonder-food of nature. Many various health and nutrition resources have proven that poppy seeds included in the diet may help to strengthen bone structure, provide healthier digestion and strengthen the immune system. Some research studies are even showing correlations between poppy seed ingestion as a protection against some forms of cancer. Poppy seeds are full of vitamins and minerals as well, including calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and omega-3 fatty acids. Many of the basic, most valuable building blocks for a healthy diet are included in this delicious, simple addition to your spice cabinet.

Visit the website today and find tons of ideas and a wealth of information about this tiny nutritional miracle. The recipes are easy to make – the only difficult thing will be keeping everyone from eating what you make! You, too, will be praising the wonders of poppy seeds as a staple in your spice collection before you know it after you try them.

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