Slow Down The Aging Process: 5 Ways to Look Great


Once you get a little older you start to get worried because what will happen if you don’t age well? It can totally knock your confidence and if that does happen your life will slowly get worse. You will feel like you’re not sexy enough and your wife won’t be attracted to you anymore. You will look at all the youngsters walking around and wonder where all the years went to. It doesn’t need to be this way and you can easily do something to slow down the aging process and look great!

All you need to do is start caring about your body again. It’s easy to neglect it when you’re busy living your life, but if you haven’t looked after it properly you will be disappointed by what is to come. The best thing you can do is make yourself a promise you will change starting from now. No longer will you chose to sit back while age takes its toll on you. If you are ready to look great again we can look at some of the things you should start doing right now.

Lose the unwanted hair

slow down the aging process waxing

This could mean anything really because there are just so many places we’re all suffering. Once you get to a certain age, hair starts sprouting out of your back and shoulders and you look like the last of the great apes. You can go and get it waxed, or getting it taken off with a laser is even better. You’re not fooling anyone with your hair strategically placed to cover your bald spot, so that could maybe be fixed too. Then you’re left with the hair coming out of your nose.

Drop a few pounds

slow down the aging process lose weight

Losing weight doesn’t need to be a big deal if you don’t want it to be. You just need to change your diet and stop stuffing your face with crap. Start by eating food you consider healthy because you don’t want to dive in at the deep end before you learn to swim. After you see some improvements you can take it up a notch by becoming a lot stricter with your diet. It won’t be long before you have a six pack and you’ll be able to show off down at the beach.
Start lifting weights

slow down the aging process lift weights

If you decide to shift a few extra pounds you definitely want some nice muscles to show off. If you have never lifted weight before you don’t need to worry because anyone can do it. Once you find a great program to follow you can start with the amount of weight you can comfortably lift and work your way up. Don’t worry about getting too big because you will definitely notice the size increases. You won’t just wake up one morning and look like a bodybuilder.

Get your teeth fixed

Because we only get one set of teeth we need to look after them every single day. Once you start forgetting it’s a slippery slope and before you know it you have a set of false teeth. Before you start looking after them properly you will need to get them fixed. If you’re not a regular in the dentist’s chair there will probably be some work that needs done. Don’t be afraid because having white teeth up until an old age is worth the pain.

Stop your bad habits

If you start taking advantage of your body by polluting it with harmful chemicals it’s eventually going to start hurting you. Smoking is the worst and if you are addicted to cigarettes you should give up as soon as possible. Your face will end up looking 10 years older and you will look like an old man compared to the people you went to school with. Drink and drugs will catch up with you too and although you can have the occasional drink you should never let it get out of control. See, you can slow down the aging process, it takes a little bit of work!

Mike Connors is a beautician by profession. A lot of people come to him with the problem of aging and want him to make them look young. But he feels that to have a beautiful looking face requires you to be healthy and fit and not just a trip to the beautician. With the laser hair removal costs in Toronto plummeting, he feels that it is great chance for people to go in for change. He is also a frequent blogger and gives useful advice on his blog.

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