Six Popular Weight Loss Food Plans


weight_loss_dietWeight loss is a popular topic in the U.S. for both women and men. When choosing a diet plan that is best for you, you want to consider how much weight you want to lose, how much money you are willing to invest, how fast you want to lose the weight and maintain your health, and how long you want to keep that weight off. We have listed six of the most popular weight loss plans and how they answer each of the questions mentioned.

Biggest Loser

This television inspired program is both a weight and exercise plan that emphasizes on becoming a healthy individual not just losing weight. The diet is based on a pyramid of 4-3-2-1 or four servings of fruits and vegetables, three servings of lean protein, two servings of whole grain, and one serving of your choice. This program lasts twelve weeks you buy your own food. The end results are long term because the goal of this diet is to change your lifestyle to incorporate good eating habits and daily exercise to increase health, maintain weight, and increase your energy.  You can even use a food scale, or invest in portion control cooking and serving utensils.


Atkins is a short term diet that involves low carbohydrate intake so that your body learns to burn fat for energy not carbs. This puts your body into a state of ketosis which means it burns the fat stored in those problem areas. The body then pumps insulin less and you are less likely to form diabetes. Unfortunately, these are not scientific facts, just findings that the author of the book found, so this diet is controversial.

Jenny Craig

This is a diet where you eat more meals, but smaller portions and they send you the meals in the mail. The diet plan also comes with emotional support. This is not considered a long term weight loss solution because once you stop eating their portion controlled meals and eat your own you can regain the weight just as fast as you lost it.

Weight Watchers

This diet is a widely known diet plan that uses a point counting system to limit your caloric intake each day. This helps you become consciences of what you eat each day which can help you to eat healthy and maintain your weight loss well after you stop the program. This program can be expensive, because food with the point system already on their package may cost more than similar items without the points.

Raw Food Diet

This diet is the easiest diet plan to stick to after you adapt because it is a lifestyle change. The biggest problems people have with this diet plan are the costs of raw food and the time that you spend preparing each meal. The main idea is that you cut out anything processed and make everything from ingredients that you can grow yourself.

HCG Diet

This diet is a combination of a hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and a restrictive low calorie diet. The daily HCG shots eliminate the abnormal fat in the body. These HCG shots make this diet expensive, short term, and a large risk. This diet should be a last resort for obese individuals before they receive weight loss surgery. The FDA has approved the HCG shots for fertility treatments, not for diet use.

These six diet plans are just a few of the thousands of different plans that claim to help you lose weight. Your main goal should be to eat healthier and incorporate exercise to lose the weight that you have and maintain your physique once you lose that weight.

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