Signs That Your Job Is Too Stressful


stressful jobsYour job is too stressful! Due to technological advances, the workplace is changing dramatically. This has led to higher expectations being placed on the employee. He or she is expected to learn and master new technological devices that are introduced at the workplace ostensibly to make work easier. New management styles now dictate that the employees must relook at the way they relate to other employees and bosses.

Failure to effectively adjust to these circumstances may lead to a situation where the employee starts to feel stressed. As an employee, it makes perfect sense to be on the lookout for symptoms that are an indicator that not all is well and start to seek assistance early. This article attempts to highlight areas or situations that will give the employee a clear indication that the job is too stressful.

At the office, one must ask whether they fear to get a phone call or to be summoned by the boss. One needs to go further and ask what causes the fear. Could this fear be caused by the knowledge that, as an employee, you are not prepared for new assignments or challenges? Or could it be that there is a pending assignment which you’ve not accomplished and the boss wants an update? Have you asked yourself why the assignment is not ready?

Is there any technological facility that has been introduced in your workplace that is proving difficult to understand? Could this be the reason why there is a lot of pending work on your in tray? Do you feel ashamed to ask for assistance from junior or younger officers who have already understood the new facility?

How many times do you find difficulty in beginning to work on assignments given to you? Do you occasionally fall asleep at your desk? Have you tried to understand why this happens? Do you suffer from constant headaches at work? Have you sought medical assistance but the problem persists?

Has your job ceased to be interesting? Do you report on duty because you earn a salary from it or are you passionate about what you do? Do you find pleasure in assisting or advising colleagues to accomplish their duties to the satisfaction of your organization? Or put differently, have you stopped assisting your colleagues to accomplish their assignments and if so, why?

How do you relate to fellow members of staff? Do you find yourself getting into unnecessary arguments with them? Have you lost any friends because of your temper? Or do you get the impression that you are no longer understood by your colleagues and bosses?

How many times do you carry office work to your house? Do you do it because the work load is heavy or because you could not bring yourself to do it in the office? And when you are at home, do you talk positively about your work and boss or are you always whining about them? Do you also find that you are still irritable when you are at home?

Do you ever have problems waking up to report on duty? Or how times do you report on duty late?

These are signs that the job is too stressful and it’s advisable that the employee seeks assistance quickly. If this is not done the employee may proceed to have serious medical problems that may affect his heart and mental state.

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