Sick of Your Workout? Spice up Your Routine with these Trendy Exercises


With the new year, there are new resolutions. Chances are, getting healthy and losing weight have made your list once again. People often stop going to the gym or working out after a few months because their routine becomes boring. Whether you’re planning on doing strength training or cardio workouts, there are many ways of spicing up your exercise plan to finally keeping your resolutions.


Kettlebells are weighted cast-iron balls with one handle, but they’re not just for strength training. The more you work out with this piece of equipment, the more fat you can burn in this tough, but invigorating exercise routine. Unlike Dumbbells most kettlebell workouts give you a full body workout that train both your cardiovascular and anabolic systems.

Wii Fit

While many people will tell you to stay away from video games if you’re looking to lose weight, the Wii offers a fun and interactive way to get fit, either with friends or on your own. The Wii Fit in particular, offers exercise workouts including aerobic classes and a balance board. Most of the exercises focus on the core, as you’ll be making slow, controlled movements. Other games will help you focus on balance like, the ski slalom or table tilt. With all these options on Wii Fit, it’ll be easy to find a new workout that interests you.

Power Plate

Developed as a way to prevent muscle atrophy in Russian astronauts in space, the Power Plate is a unique machine that makes your muscles work in a different way than traditional workouts. The machine vibrates your tissues, which in turn, increases your acceleration. This adds force to your workout. While the Power Plate is a new machine to the U.S., it’s ability to make your muscles work in a vertical, horizontal and sagittal way is another way to spice up your routine. You’ll also increase muscle strength, burn fat, and improve balance and coordination.

Water Aerobics

Swimming is always a great cardio activity, but it’s not the only workout you can do in the water. Water aerobics reduce stress on joints and muscles. It also helps you build muscle, because water offers a natural resistance. After you’ve mastered running in water in a chest-deep pool, you can make your workout harder by heading to the deep end and utilizing a kick board for added resistance.

Martial Arts or Kick Boxing

Martial arts offer both physical and mental stimulation. That’s because while you’re lunging, kicking and punching, you’ll also be building endurance and agility. This all takes place while predicting the movements of your “opponent.” All martial arts sessions will be different. Depending on your mood and personality, you can choose to take a more serious martial arts class or go to your local gym to find kick boxing class that is right for you.

Suspension Training

TRX TrainingBetter known as TRX training, suspension training, offers a whole body workout through strength training using straps, gravity and your own body weight. While the focus with suspension training is on building your core muscles, it can also help with balance, flexibility and coordination. Some of the exercises are similar to traditional exercises, like leg presses. Nevertheless, the difference is that you’re moving in multiple planes, not just forward and backward while supported. Plus, if one of your other new year’s resolutions is to save money, this is a great option because an investment in this equipment is cheaper than most.

No matter which new exercise routine you choose, be sure to stretch in advance. Take it easy at first too, especially if you’re trying something completely new. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself so you’re unable to work out at all.

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