Self Catering Tips for Holidaymakers


self cateringWhen you go on vacation there are many options to consider and so much to make sure you organize in advance. But with some handy tips and clever planning, such as self-catering, you can really enjoy and make the most of your holiday time!

Aside from the difficulties of deciding on a location, how to get there, when to go, and so on, there’s also the question of what type of board you will choose. There are various different options to choose from, including all inclusive, half-board, bed and breakfast and self-catering. This last one is my favorite because of the flexibility it offers. Here are some of my hints and tips to ensure you enjoy your parties and events to their fullest:

Self-catering is usually the cheapest option and it’s great for those with fussy appetites or special dietary requirements. You can sit back and relax next to your Ignis fireplaces while someone else does the work for you! There’s no need to worry that the hotel won’t have something on offer that you will enjoy. You are in control of what you make for dinner or where you go out to dine. Not only does self-catering mean you have complete control over what you eat, but it also affords you a home from home. However, if you’re looking to save a little time and get the highest quality catering, go through a third party such as AbFabCatering.

Lists are your friend. With a self-catering holiday a little more planning is needed than an all inclusive one, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means you can tailor the holiday to how YOU want it. Make lists of what you will need to take as well as activities in the area – having addresses already to hand will save time when you’re away.

Plan meals in advance and stock up on tinned goods (only if you’re taking your car on holiday, as they will be pretty heavy). Pasta and packets of food are also ideal. This way you can make sure you get the best value items rather than being stuck with just expensive shops at your destination. This is a lot easier to do if you’re holidaying in the UK as weight and customs restrictions play a big part in what you can and can’t take into your destination country.

self catering on vacationAnother option is to shop online and arrange for your food to be delivered to your holiday destination when you arrive. This is ideal if you want a stock of fresh food and it also leaves extra space free in your car for more luggage and for your passengers!

Double check what is actually on offer and provided before you go. You don’t want to get caught short with no bed linen or toilet roll! But likewise, you don’t want to end up taking your whole kitchen to find out your temporary kitchen is fully stocked. There might even be Joseph Joseph kitchenware, televisions and DVD players for real chill out time, so make sure you’re aware so you know what to expect and what you need to take or leave behind. Don’t forget to take some classic entertainment along with you. A pack of cards and a game of charades can provide a surprising amount of entertainment if the weather isn’t its best one evening.

You might be lucky enough to have a washing machine at your destination, this is great if you’re taking kids with you (or even messy adults) so you can pack fewer clothes!

Think about if any members of your holidaying party will need any special requirements and check ahead to see if these can be catered for easily or whether you will need to bring anything to make the holiday  suitable for all.

Experience the local cuisine and eat out. Don’t forget to give yourself a real holiday and don’t cook every day that you are away.

And a reminder for every holiday – take the chargers for your electronics. Having your phone’s battery die so you’re out of contact or your camera run out of charge so you can’t take pictures of your holiday are things that no–one wants to happen.

Enjoy your holiday!

A freelance writer, Lesley Sampson loves to travel, especially enjoying self catering holidays such as Cornwall weekend breaks.

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