Secrets to Living a Healthy, Long Life


Everyone wants to enjoy life forever! Unfortunately, not everyone is able to live a healthy and long life. You must be wondering about the secrets to live such a life. Rest assured that it is quite simple to do so. Simply cultivate healthy habits in your daily life and stay in a positive mind frame. Below are some more secrets to living a healthy and long life.

Switch from Coffee to Tea

Are you a regular coffee drinker? Switch to tea instead! Compared to coffee, tea contains antioxidants known as polyphenols which help against heart disease, cancer and ageing. According to various studies, tea drinkers live substantially longer than others who do not drink tea. Green tea is also a very good choice and you can drink it without sugar or milk. Today, different types of tea are also available, which can be very good for your health.

green tea

Join Social Groups

Together with a healthy body, a healthy social life is essential. Take some time off your busy lifestyle to join social groups which promote healthy habits. For instance, sport clubs or groups which organise outings, recreational activities and games, where you can have a good social interaction. This gives you the chance to make new friends and share your views or likes and dislikes.

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Healthy Relationships

A good social life also means healthy relationships. Maintain good relations with your family and kids to live a stress-free life. Healthy family ties help you develop a positive approach to life. Everything that you see in the society starts from home. If your family relationships are a cause of distress, it reflects on your social life. Plus, most values like respect, responsibility or trust are cultivated right from home within the family circle.

Stop Eating When You Are Full

Do you feel full after a meal? Simply stop eating! A Confucian teaching suggests that it is best to stop eating when you are 80% full. This habit prevents obesity, cholesterol and other diseases, while allowing you to live a healthy life. Also, prioritise a plant-based diet full of vegetables and fruits. Reduce the amount of meat or dairy products. Vegetables and fruits contain more nutrients than meat and dairy which mainly consist of fats.

Regular Physical Activity

It is a fact that regular physical activity is key to a healthy lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle can cause illnesses which can impact you for life. So, it is best to always remain active to prevent them. Practise a regular sport or go to the gym. Alternatively, practise yoga or Qi Gong for a more serene way of moving your body. Apart from exercises, household tasks also help to make you stay active during the day, such as cleaning the yard and the house or dusting the cupboards.

Reduce Stress and Relax

To live a healthy and long life, the best thing to do is to reduce stress. Plan your day carefully to avoid any hassles. Whenever you have some time off your busy schedule, practise relaxation or meditation. Listen to relaxing music or indulge into any activities that you enjoy. Find time for your hobbies, such as dancing, going out, shopping or watching a good movie. These help you stay happy and healthy, while cultivating a positive attitude to life.

So, if you want to live a healthy and long life, follow these tips. However, there many other methods that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. It is also essential to take good care of your health, family and social life.


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