Researchers Say Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction are Treatable


low testosterone treatableDealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) and low testosterone (low T) can be stressful for any man. Recent studies on these conditions have given many men insight on this disorder and some contributing factors. Researchers found that certain lifestyle decisions affect the health of men, lead to ED, and cause testosterone levels to drop. Find out three ways to boost testosterone and avoid ED.

Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction are Treatable

ED is a condition where a man cannot achieve an erection or recurrent difficulties occur. Low T is often associated with low onset hypogonadism (LOH), and is a contributing factor to ED. Low levels of testosterone also cause loss of libido, low self-esteem, decreased energy, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Both of these conditions are treatable.

Get Treatment: Study finds that Most Men with ED and Low T Remain Untreated

ED and low T are growing problems, which means more and more men are becoming aware of these issues and the many different treatment options that are available. However, studies are showing that most men allow the condition to go without treatment. Although treatments have shown to improve the efficacy and quality of a man’s life when suffering from these disorders, current research surveys show that treatment is not commonly sought after by men, although it provides great benefits.

A recent study aimed to determine the type of medical therapies that were used to treat these conditions and the frequency in which the treatments were used. Conducted over a 12 month period, researchers found that patients who were undergoing treatment would simply fill the Phentermine prescription, yet refrain from actually using the medication. The conclusion of the study showed that out of all of the patients, which consisted of a pool of 87,600,000 men diagnosed with the ED and low T, only 25% of the men actually used testosterone boosters, and 75% did not use any type of treatment at all.

Get your Heart Checked: Researchers say ED Linked to Risk for Heart Attack

Having ED and low T not only affects the quality of a man’s life, but it also leads to a greater risk for certain health problems, including heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. According to Professor Mike Kirby from the University of Hertfordshire, there is a definite link between these conditions and cardiovascular disease. A clinical trial was conducted recently that showed many cases of erectile dysfunction also accompany cardiovascular disease. The results of the study showed that certain drugs such a lipid-lowering statin can be given to men suffering from ED to help lower their risk of heart disease. Also, it is believed that ED is an early sign of underlying cardiovascular disease and should not be ignored.

Have Intercourse More: Researchers say Intercourse Helps ED and Low T

A recent clinical trial led by ED researcher Koskimki (2008) ED proves that those who have intercourse more often are less likely to develop the condition of erectile dysfunction. This study took place over the course of five years and observed men who reported having intercourse less than once per-week. Those who had sex less than this showed higher instances of erectile dysfunction compared to men who had intercourse more often. The severity of the ED was also related to the amount of intercourse that the men had, as those who engaged in intercourse less consistently suffered from the problem more than those who engaged once every two weeks.

Additionally, the researchers found that men who had intercourse less than once per-week had a large decline in the amount of morning erections. Men who had less than 1 morning erection each week developed the condition more rapidly than those who had a morning erection at least two times per week. The men’s health investigators encourage partners to engage in healthy sexual activity as a means to prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring, and they concluded that ED is less common among men who have intercourse often.

Final Thoughts

Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction affect millions of men worldwide. Researchers have found that these conditions are treatable, manageable, and even preventable. For example, if you have low testosterone, you can use Nature’s Plus Testosterone Booster.


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