Relations at a Distance: How to Save Love If Continents Are Between You

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An interesting fact: 80% of information lovers get in a non-verbal way. Simply put, words are not important in love. An unpleasant fact for those couples who are forced to endure separation, maintaining a relationship at a distance. However, it is possible to cope with this problem. And we will gladly tell you how to do it. Thanks for help to our kind friends from


Features of Relationships at a Distance

Rare meetings. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about relationships at a distance. Communication by the hated (as you want to touch your beloved person, and not just look at him) Skype. Jealousy, which is stimulated by the obscurity. What does he / she do? And where is my beloved now? It is very difficult. And at the same time, we are surrounded by a freshness of feelings, each meeting as the first; we rejoice at the absence of domestic routine, and we rejoice in the opportunity to build joint plans.

The main thing in a relationship at a distance is that separation tests your strength. Miles dividing the pair, like a litmus paper, determine and make a diagnosis – whether it’s love or not. More precisely, it’s not just love, but  the very REAL LOVE – when everyone is sure that his partner is a gift of fate for life. You are not afraid of anything if things are so.

In other cases, when there is no certainty, ask yourself an unpleasant question: is it worth wasting time and effort on a person, separation from who can cause you real pain eventually. And for those who knows for sure that his romance is a part of the story of great love might want damage the “safety rope”. So how can we survive this separation with the least loss this  and keep the relationship at a distance?

Tips of Psychologists: How to Keep a Relationship at a Distance

Now let’s move from practice to action. Here’s what psychologists advise:

  1. Be in touch all the time. Or, at least, as often as possible. People who are not near each other physically, lose much because of the inability to share the simplest joy or news. Do it. Share. “Today I fell asleep on the subway and drove two extra stops” or “It is hellishly cold at work today” – such messages, optional and episodic, create a sense of constant presence and blur the boundaries.
  2. Spend time together. It sounds fantastic but it’s really possible. It’s not about the poker or computer games (although why not, if you are fond of them) – you can, after all, have a dinner together with the help of Skype or other similar programs. Cooking, discussing the process in detail, put the plates in front of the laptop, wish each other a pleasant appetite. That’s cool. Of course, this will not replace a real, “live” meal, but will allow you to be spiritually closer by doing simple things.
  3. Give each other space for personal life. It is clear that when a loved one is far away, longing pushes everything else into the background. You need to say to yourself: “Now I will get the most out of the situation and look at things on the positive side.” Fill in the evenings and other free time to the maximum, do what you were going to do, but could not begin for some reason. Do not stand still, develop your personality, learn new things; In the end, it will come in handy not only to you personally but to YOU as a couple.
  4. Speak about disagreements. Honestly, there are two different opinions: some people say that it is better not to throw out your negative on the partner since you have a relationship at a distance, but cope on your own, others say that it is necessary to do this. However, it is your own decision — whether “to throw out” or not, but keep in mind that claims, resentments, suspicions, and fatigue always accumulate and do not disappear anywhere. Keeping all the emotions in yourself is very harmful. Sooner or later they will turn into a dangerous snow avalanche. In addition, you will feel even more lonely if you will try to survive all the problems by yourself . This will definitely make you stronger, but will it retain the very spiritual closeness? Is not a fact.
  5. Trust each other. This is your only way out. The phrase like “My colleague and I had a lunch together today”, said in your dialogue, will easily turn into a full-fledged novel in an imagination, inflamed by long distance. And it is necessary to fight with such things . The only effective weapon you is trust.

Do not believe if someone tells you that relationships at a distance are possible only in the movies. It is not true. Love can overcome everything, even thousands of miles between you. Believe in yourself and keep the image of a loved one in your heart!

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