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Vegan Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Got some bananas that are a little too ripe for your liking this weekend? Well here’s a tasty solution to your banana problem…Ice Cream! I actually got this from one of my favorite chicago bloggers. It’s one of those desserts that can give you a  feeling of nostalgia back when you were a kid and […]


Alicia’s Apple Crisp Recipe

I prefer to bake my apple crisps in these mini Ceramcor dishes because they fit conveniently in my convention oven but you can also bake it in a 8×8 square pan by doubling the recipe below. I encourage you to read my Benefits and Uses of Apples article before trying this fabulous recipe. Apple Crisp […]


Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies Made With Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats

I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. I could eat sweets at any time of the day, and when I get a craving, it is usually for a sweet, moist chocolate chip cookie. Now you have to understand, my cravings don’t just disappear, so of course, I have to eat that sweet, moist chocolate chip cookie. […]


Vegan Holiday Baked Pear

We all know that the holiday times are here and with that comes calorie dense food and not so much nutrient dense. Luckily there are some delicious alternatives to those fattening dishes that come with the holiday season. This holiday baked pear is a clean and healthy choice for this holiday season. The key to […]


Strawberry Pizza With Balsamic Strawberry Sauce

Spring cleaning, this year, turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. At the back of the pantry, I found an almost-forgotten jar of organic strawberry jam. My children love pizza and fresh strawberry juice during season, so I thought to myself, “I could give them the foods they most love … all […]


Strawberry and Pistachio Tart

Each year, when the strawberry season comes, my children are asking me to make this old Strawberry and Pistachio Tart recipe. This recipe is a classic in my family; I work hard to make it the same as their grand-mother used to prepare it.


Warm Lemon Pudding Cake

Winter is the Season for Warm Lemon Pudding Cake When it’s especially chilly outside, sometimes all you really need is a warm, sweet little treat to make you forget all about winter. Here is a tasty dessert recipe that takes only 15 minutes to prepare, bakes in about an hour, and is best served warm […]


Holiday Vegan Cherry Pie with Grape Nuts

It’s holiday time which is my favorite time of the year! My husband and I both have family in Houston so we love to go to Houston, enjoy time with our family, and make memories during the holidays. We always have wonderful meals with tons of food like this Crispy Vegan Cherry Pie and a […]

Cheesecake-in-a-jar-300x200 (1)

Adorable Cheesecake in a Jar to Cool your Spring Weekend

Note: This dish will take time in preparation for 50-55 minutes and as to be served chilled will be ready in 2 hours. It has been months and my family has not planned a single vacation. Now, It’s time to relax with the family and enjoying a picnic with our caravan can be the best […]


Homemade Unsweetened Apple Butter

It’s very difficult to find apple butter at the store, let alone finding homemade unsweetened apple butter without added sugars or sweeteners. So the best solution is to quite simply make your own. Thanks to crock-pots, this recipe is an absolute breeze. Apple butter gets its name not because it actually has butter in it, […]

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