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Vegan Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Got some bananas that are a little too ripe for your liking this weekend? Well here’s a tasty solution to your banana problem…Ice Cream! I actually got this from one of my favorite chicago bloggers.

banana ice cream

It’s one of those desserts that can give you a  feeling of nostalgia back when you were a kid and there wasn’t a worry in the world. But unfortunately, the ice cream I used to eat wasn’t exactly nice to my waistline or my health in general. This vegan banana ice cream is good for the kids, good for you, and will definitely not make you feel any sort of guilt.

Take your ripened bananas, peel and slice them, throw them in a baggy, and then into your freezer they go (and then wait, and while you’re waiting, go do something productive like clean the house or workout). A ripe banana, in my opinion, is one covered in brown dots, is at the peak of its sweetness, and should be easy to peel.

After you’re done being productive and your bananas are fully frozen, which usually will take about 8 hours depending on how many bananas you freeze at a time, you are ready to start the recipe.

If you can’t gobble it all up in one sitting, just throw it in a container and put it back in the freezer. It will last for about a week in the freezer. Try this recipe on a hot day to cool off or eat this when your day hasn’t gone so well. This will definitely make you feel better no matter what your mood is.

Note: If the recipe comes out to be more of a smoothie rather than ice-cream-like, then after you’re done with the recipe put the mixture in a freezer safe container then into the freezer for 2 hours or more. This will harden it enough to scoop it out like ice cream. Additionally, you can try using less almond milk.



5 ripe bananas

2-3 cups of Silk Vanilla Almond Milk

½-1 tsp vanilla

Sprinkle of cinnamon



First, get your blender or food processor out and all of your ingredients out and ready.


Throw the bananas, vanilla, and Silk vanilla almond milk  in the blender and mix until creamy (note: start with a cup of vanilla almond milk and add more until creamy).


Take out of the blender and put into bowls. Sprinkle with cinnamon, top it with your favorite berries, and enjoy!


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