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Diet Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

I am a big sucker for tasty yet healthy beverage options. For some reason, I just have trouble getting all my recommended water in for each day. So I like to drink juice, specifically Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice, to get more liquids into my body throughout the day. This juice is always very fresh, and it bursts with fruit flavor so I can swap it out with higher calorie drinks and still drink something tasty. I’m not a big fan of eating cranberries, but this juice tastes deliciously crisp! I think this drink is a particularly good choice for me for multiple reasons:

  • It’s made from real fruit juice and has no artificial flavoring and I look for that aspect in all of my beverages.
  • It only has 5 calories for a full serving!
  • There are 0 grams of fat (awesome!) and it only has 2 grams of sugar (so if you give this to your kids, they won’t get a sugar high).
  • 1 serving gives you 100% of your daily amount of  Vitamin C!

Not only does the Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice taste really good, but it has some perks you may not know about. To begin, cranberry juice is a natural way to help prevent bladder infections and UTI’s. Who knew you could prevent infections with delicious-tasting Diet Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice? On another note, many people use juice with alcohols. By including this yummy cranberry juice in your “fun” beverages, you can lower your calorie intake while still making your alcoholic drinks taste fantastic.

mixed berry smoothie recipe cup

Another Ocean Spray drink that I recently tried was Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice. I like this juice for many reasons as well. In the past, I drank soda and I recently stopped drinking it, but I still get the craving for carbonation from time to time. Sparkling water just doesn’t do the trick  for me. This Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice does and it comes in 8.4 ounce cans that can be taken on the go. I also like that even though it is a diet drink, it doesn’t have the bad after taste like other drinks I’ve tried. Similar to the Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice, the Ocean Spray Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice is also good for you with these nutritional points:

  • It only has 10 calories per can.
  • It has 0 grams of fat (which again, I love!).
  • It only has 3 grams of sugar (so if you or your kids drink soda and you want to find a replacement for it, this is the drink to go with).

You can of course drink this juice as is, but you can also use it to create wonderful smoothies! Below you will find a recipe that I tried for a Diet Mixed Berry Smoothie using Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice. It only takes a few minutes to whip up and your kids will crave it! This recipe makes approximately 2 servings and you can you any berries you want. I am using strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

I have partnered with Ocean Spray through DailyBuzz to help promote their new Ocean Spray Diet product. I have been compensated for my time commitment to work with this product, however my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.



3/4 cup of Diet Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Drink

1/2 banana

3/4 cup frozen mixed berries

6 ounces of low fat berry-flavored yogurt



Cut the banana into slices.


Ensure your frozen berries are in several chunks as you don’t want to put a big block of ice in your blender. It’s better to use frozen berries because if you use fresh berries, you will need to add ice which will water down the smoothie.


Combine the bananas, frozen berries, and yogurt into the blender.


Pour the Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry in the blender. Feel free to use full calorie juice options if you need an extra kick to get you through the rest of the day.


Blend on high speed until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined and smooth, and the texture is to your liking.


Pour into a large glass and enjoy!

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