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A New Twist on Iced Green Tea

I love iced green tea, and most of the time it’s what I drink on long, hot summer days. Every once in a while I get a hankering for something a little sweeter, and that is why I always have a couple quarts of iced green tea half-and-half in my refrigerator. Half green tea and half lemonade, also know as Iced Green Tea Lemonade!

Crystal Lite Iced Green Tea Lemonade

My iced green tea lemonade half-and-half has evolved over the years, and it is not truly half and half. In fact, it is more like 3/4 iced green tea and 1/4 lemonade. Here is how you can prepare it: I make my half-and-half with two ingredients. I use Yamamotoyama Sencha Green Tea bags to brew the green tea and Crystal Light Pure Lemonade mix for the lemonade portion of my half-and-half.


I use Crystal Light Pure Lemonade because it is made with sugar and Truvia and only has 15 calories per packet.  Because I use two packets, there are only 30 calories in my three quarts of iced green tea lemonade half-and-half. Now you have a great iced green tea lemonade half-and-half!



Yamamotoyama Sencha Iced Green Tea Lemonade

I use Yamamotoyama Green Tea bags because they are individually foil-wrapped and have a strong but not overpowering green tea flavor. The resulting iced green tea lemonade half-and-half has a hint of vegetative green tea flavor, a subtle lemon flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness. It is light and refreshing, and after years of experimenting, is my favorite iced green tea half-and-half.

This recipe is courtesy from the folks at

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3 qts filtered water

2 packets of Crystal Light Pure Lemonade

6 bags Yamamotoyama Green Tea

1 tsp lemon juice



Fill a three (3) quart container with filtered water.


Pour about 1/4 of the container into another container/glass/bowl.


Heat the remaining water on the stove to a temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit.


While the mixture is heating, take two (2) packets of Crystal Light Pure Lemonade and mix them into the water you poured off in step 2.


Once the water is heated, steep six bags of Yamamotoyama Green Tea in the heated water for three (3) minutes.


Once steeped, return the tea and the lemonade to the three-quart container.


I then add a little lemon juice for added flavor.

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