Reasons Why Carpet Remains So Popular


Despite the emergence of composite materials that replicate the look and feel of solid timber, carpet is still the number one choice for the Australian homeowner, and for good reason as it provides year-round barefoot softness that only comes with quality carpet. Obviously, carpet isn’t suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, yet your living room and bedrooms can be accommodated with soft pile carpet that will stand the test of time. Colours are unlimited and with a range of fibre types, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with quality carpeting in your home.

  • A Soft & Luxurious Feel – Nothing comes close to the feeling of walking barefoot on a quality carpet and a visit to any of the carpet stores will leave you breathless, as the choices are indeed many. Hardwearing and stain resistant variations are ideal for heavy traffic areas, while soft, deep piled carpet is ideal for that retreat area. There’s something to suit every environment at an established carpet showroom and once you’ve made up your mind, they will arrange a fitting date.
  • Tailored to Fit – Fitted carpets look stunning and with a professional installation, you will have a soft and silent floor covering that will last for many years. Rugs can be used to good effect if you want to add some colour and texture and the range of pile fibres make carpeting suitable for almost any environment.
  • Experience Before Buying – If you visit one of the established carpet stores, you will be able to experience your chosen carpet in a room environment, which is important, as you only know how the carpet feels when you walk on it. A large showroom would have many fine settings that give you a feel of the product in the right environment.
  • Pure Wool, Silk & Synthetics – There are variations of all three, so there’s something to suit every taste, while the pile can be set in a number of ways, depending on your needs. Some like a short pile that has a bounce to it, while others prefer a deeper softer feel and very often you will discover a carpet you didn’t know existed. If you have a morning to spare, why not treat your partner to a tour of your local carpet showroom? It might just give you the inspiration you need to finish a specific room. If you are looking to carpet a new build, you are spoiled for choice, with colours and finishes that complement any room and it isn’t as costly as you might think.

While it is possible to contact a carpet supplier and have them send someone to your home, you are best advised to visit the company’s showroom, where you can really experience the carpet. If you would like to source an established showroom in your region, a Google search will reveal the whereabouts of a nearby venue and you can explore the many possibilities that carpet offers the homeowner.

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