Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods


avoid processed foodsProcessed foods were invented for convenience. You can just shove one into the microwave and it can also last longer than conventional real food because it has preservatives. While a lot of us feel the convenience, it’s bad for the health. Processed foods can make you sick and there are various health and wellness reasons to avoid them. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should avoid processed foods.

Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods

Processed Foods are highly addictive

When your body has become attuned with refined, processed and even modified food, it can lead to the overproduction of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that can help people that are suffering from undue stress and too much anxiety symptoms. While it is great to combat mental difficulties, too much of everything is bad. Suddenly, people who are stressed rely on unhealthy food to get the kick that will make them feel better. While it can relieve people of stress temporarily, it will not provide a lasting solution and will only contribute to numerous risks that may impact the health.

Processed Foods have phosphates

One thing about processed food is the fact that it is rich in phosphates. It is known to destroy the bone and to lower its quality. Phosphates increase the shelf life of the processed food so you can eat it for months or years. It is also known to impact kidney health and cause frequent bone fractures or injuries. Not to mention the fact that these chemicals can also cause chemical imbalance in the brain and make people vulnerable to anxiety and stress.

Processed Foods can ruin the taste buds

The taste buds are designed to detect the four flavors: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. However, manufacturers have found a way to exploit it by making processed food extra sweet or extra salty. This will make people crave or get addicted to their products to ensure their cash registers keep on ringing. The artificial flavorings have modified the ability of our taste buds to detect flavor. The good thing though is that our taste buds get replaced every fortnight so if you avoid processed foods today you will be able to taste food better in just two weeks.

Processed Foods are teeming with chemicals

Just read the labels and you will find “gobbledygook” plastered all over the labels. The sugars, fat and the salt that are put into the foods are tremendous and could cause a myriad of health catastrophe. The chemicals can easily cause diabetes, obesity and cancer just to name a few. If only processed foods are labeled honestly there would no chance on earth that people would buy this stuff.

Processed Foods can make you kiss your retirement goodbye

If you eat a lot of processed food you may not be able to see yourself retiring. The amount of unhealthy ingredients and the chemicals that are laced in the foods can easily cut your lifespan. If you want to enjoy your retirement years it is best to stop eating processed food today completely. Not just doing it in moderation but totally avoiding it.

Processed food is actually more expensive than real food. If you think that you are getting a better deal on processed food, think again.

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