Quick, Inexpensive and Healthy Snacks for Busy People


When you’re always preoccupied in the office, it is very easy to forget to eat regularly. Some tend to drink several cups of coffee during the day or eat chocolates or other sweets to give them an instant burst of energy. However, that practice is not a healthy habit. There are so many healthier food alternatives that you can munch on between meals that will keep you going the entire day.

Keep busy, stay healthy

At work, demand for your time seems endless. Some work situations can even zap your energy. If you’re hard at work, it is best to replenish and sustain your energy with inexpensive, easy to prepare crunchy, nutty, juicy bites. Fruits, vegetable strips, whole-wheat crackers, yogurt, salads, cereals and nuts are just some of the healthier snack alternatives. They are rich in protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and healthy fats without too many calories. They are also easy to prepare and easy to carry and can be kept in your desk drawer or your office fridge.

Healthy snacks you can eat at your desk

Fresh fruit salad. It is very easy to prepare, as you just have to cut and dice some fruits. Buy fruits in season for variety and mix them with staples such as apples, pineapples, pears, peaches and mangoes. They are rich in fiber, naturally sweet and low in calories. Throw in grapes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, melon or watermelon to have a colorful salad. Mix them and pack them in individual zip bags or small containers. Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins and antioxidants so you give your immune system a boost as well.

Dried fruits. Get a load of potassium, fiber and other nutrients from dried fruits. They are very easy to pack and they store well. What you have to keep in mind that you should only eat a single serving of half a cup of dried fruits at snack time.


Dried fruits are higher in calories because their water content has been removed. For example, 100g of fresh plums only have 46 calories, but 100g of dried plums or prunes contain 240 calories. Much of vitamin C is also lost in dried fruits. One other thing to note is the addition of sugar. See to it that you buy only dried fruits with no sugar added.

Green salad. If your office pantry has a refrigerator, prepare green salads for your snack. You can have all your favorite fresh vegetables in your salad and season them with a dash of lemon, black pepper and a sprinkling of salt. It’s your choice to add a bit of olive oil and some crushed garlic. Green salads are rich in insoluble fiber for a healthy digestive tract. You can add some chopped nuts, seeds and beans for some soluble fiber that keeps your blood sugar balances and lowers the level of cholesterol while keeping you sated until mealtime.

Nuts. When it comes to nuts, almonds are considered one of the best snack to consume. Almonds contain healthy fat and protein, nine nutrients, fiber and monounsaturated fats for better HDL levels. Eating just 23 pieces in one serving will provide you with 35% of your daily Vitamin E requirement. Cashews nuts are good snack food as well, as they contain monounsaturated fat that helps prevent heart diseases. Walnuts and pistachios are also good choices, as they have omega-3 fatty acids that lower triglycerides, which are beneficial to heart health.

These are just a few options for healthy snacks that are easy to prepare and do not cost much. Remember to pack them in single servings so you do not overeat. Supplement your daily nutritional needs by opting for healthy snack alternatives that are packed with vitamins and minerals for your general well-being.

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