How to Protect Our Skin and Keep It Looking Fabulous


healthy skinThe skin is the nature’s first line of defense against the toxics of the world around us. Every day, millions of bacteria, dirt, viruses attack and attempts to penetrate through our overworked skin. Made out of several layers, our skin is not only a protector but a sensual device. It also excretes and absorbs, it synthesizes and communicates, it breathes and it dies. Yes, our skin is very much alive. With this perspective in mind, how many of us invested in caring for our greatest protector? Skin care is directly related to our beauty. Being on the forefront of our body, our skin is a physical representation to our health and character.

In order to repair and maintain your skin, you need to first understand it. Nobody sane will attempt to repair a house without first investigating and finding out what is actually wrong with it and the same concept applies here. This article will look at the basics to skin care and provide valuable tips on how to achieve results. Skins can be categorized as 4 main types. They can be oily, normal, dry or a combination of everything. All 4 types can be sensitive. Before you start putting unknown chemicals or try out other expensive beauty products, you must first understand what skin condition you have.

For example, if your skin is dry, it means you lack hydration and other essential oils. While you are not susceptible to break outs and pimples, a dry skin lacks elasticity and is generally sensitive to many elements in the world like sun and temperature fluctuations. Oily skin is shinier and pores are usually enlarged and able to be seen. Meanwhile, breakouts like pimples and blackheads are common dangers. Normal skin can alter due to the seasons, as in it is oily in summer and dry in winter. A combination skin is exactly that, a combo of dry and oily skins on different parts of your body. Through this investigation, you may begin to understand the complexity with skin care. Furthermore to the basic 4 categories, all of the above skin conditions can be sensitive, meaning they will react to the environment. In order to achieve young, healthy and anti-aging skin, you will need a lot of efforts and a lot of maintenance.

Basic skin care revolves around 4 primary steps: Cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and sun protection. Cleaning involves cleansing your skin with water and other products like a facial cleansing brush. However too much cleaning will remove the natural oils and damage your skin, so it is important to not overwork it. Exfoliation is about removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This can be done with a facial scrub or brushes. Ultrasound skin scrubbers can be used for great results as well. Moisturizing is about rehydration, especially for dry skin sufferers. From creams to even oils, there are an abundance of selections to choose from. Finally, sun-protection involves using sun screens to counteract the negative effects of UV lights from the sun which causes wrinkles. An interesting instrument to consider for further facial care is an ultrasonic facial. This handy machine is a portable beauty instrument that used ultrasound to cause vibrations in your tissue while maintaining good blood circulation and metabolism on your skins’ deep tissue.

To keep your skin looking younger try Revitol phytoceramides. Another thing to maybe consider is massages. This can help greatly in your quest to attain young skin and provide some help to wrinkle removing. There are many portable massagers for a full on body care online, for example:

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