The Pros And Cons Of Working Out On A Treadmill


The exponential advancement in technology has brought about a revolution in exercising. In the ancient times, nature played an important role in the overall health of individuals. The crude and mountainous roads were the treadmills, the tree branches made for pull-up bars, and the heavy rocks acted as dumbbells. No wonder the people back then didn’t boast of a sculpted body, but were intrinsically strong nonetheless. So how exactly has technology helped us in enhancing our bodily structure? Let us take a look at it through the most common exercising equipment – the treadmill and elliptical. For more info on the elliptical, take a look at the Elliptical Buying Guide. For now though, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of working out on a treadmill.pros and cons of working out on treadmill

The Pros And Cons Of Working Out On A Treadmill

  • You can keep a tab on the number of miles jogged: The treadmill consists of a digital interface that calculates how far you have run. The accuracy with which the treadmill provides this information is not quite possible while running on a jogging track. You can even keep track of the amount of calories burned during the process. Thus, by the end of each jogging session, you can schedule your future increments accordingly with utmost precision. It helps you reach the targeted bodily structure faster than running manually. 
  • You can adjust the terrain and the speed: Experts recommend that you should not simply start running at the most optimum pace. You need to take one step at a time. Walk for a few minutes, followed by a light jog, before sprinting rigorously. While stopping too, you need to decrease your pace gradually. The treadmill helps you do just that. You can increase and decrease the speed of the running surface at will. Additionally, you can also vary the incline of the surface. However, a steep incline calls for a lot of practice, and it is recommended that you don’t change the incline unless you have had at least a couple of weeks worth of a jog on the flat surface.
  • Your time, your place: Sidewalks are generally flooded with people during most part of the day. So, you need to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to be able to jog freely without any obstacles. And in case of jogging tracks, most exercise freaks arrive early in the morning; so, you may be left with wanting for space there too. With a treadmill adorning your living room, you don’t need to adjust your schedule according to that of others’. Work out at any time of the day or night, for any number of hours as you may deem necessary. Without doubt, technology makes the world, your oyster!
  • You miss mother nature’s mesmerizing offerings: The sweet smell of the fresh, early morning air, the melodious chirping of exotic birds, the fascinating sights passing by you, and the hard hitting, unpredictable terrain might scream out to you if you have just started exercising on the treadmill. If the nature’s hypnotic fantasies have kept you going on your schedule so far, the treadmill will ruin it all for you. Admittedly, you can shift the equipment on your lawn for the fresh air, but the sights will remain unchanged. However, if you force yourself on the treadmill for a couple of weeks, you are bound to get used to the homely atmosphere.

Ryan Gilchrist, author of this post, is a fitness blogger for Fitness Equip for Less a fast growing online retailer selling discounted treadmill, elliptical and other exercise equipment.

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