Practical Ways to be Healthy in The Office


Working in the office for 8 to 9 hours a day can be very unhealthy. In fact, it is one of the most common culprits as to why people gain weight. Imagine sitting in front of your computer for the majority of 9 hours while munching on your junk foods? Who wouldn’t gain weight in that kind of setup?

It is indeed very challenging to improve your lifestyle when working in that kind of stressful environment. However, that does not mean that you should give up and give in to the temptation of unhealthy kind of lifestyle. There are still ways to be healthy despite all the temptations and circumstances while working in the office.

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to be healthy in the office.

Tip 1: Eat breakfast – most people are rushing in their way to the office every morning. They do not want to be late so the tendency is that they skip breakfast. Well, that’s definitely a big no-no. It will make you feel weak and there’s a big chance that you will overeat during lunch. So the best thing to do is to wake up earlier so you can eat your breakfast. You can also eat quick breakfast in the office – eat an apple, banana or drink coffee (especially if your workplace invests in an office coffee service or other office refreshments).

Tip 2: Bring pack lunch and snacks – there are limited choices when it comes to eating lunch in the office. And the worst part is that you always end up eating fast food. So to be able to eat healthier meals, it is best to just bring pack lunch in the office. There are tons of available decor containers at Harris Scarfe that you can easily use to bring your lunch plus snacks. By preparing your own food, you can come up with delicious and healthier meals and you’re sure of the quality of the ingredients used.

healthy at office

Tip 3: Stand up and walk during idle time – it is given that you are sitting in front of the computer all day but given the opportunity, try to walk around or at least stand up. It wouldn’t hurt to do some stretching, squats and lunges to exercise your muscles and joints.

Tip 4: Rest your eyes – looking at your computer screen all day strains your eyes so it is important to take a rest. Go to the bathroom once in a while to wash your face. Also, try to relax your eyes by looking at objects with light colors like green or blue for at least 2 minutes. Your vision will feel a lot better afterwards.

Tip 5: Listen to music – you should also avoid feeling stressed out. It can cause serious threat to your health condition so try to feel relaxed. Listen to music every time you feel pressured and stressed out. It will calm your nerves and mind.

Yes it is indeed very challenging to stay healthy in the office when your work involves sitting in front of your computer for long hours but nothing is impossible when you have self-discipline and determination. Follow the tips that we shared in this post to avoid unwanted gain weight and unhealthy overall lifestyle. During rest days, make sure to also include some activities to help you exercise your body. This will keep your lifestyle balanced and healthy.

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