The Perfect App for the Vegan Home Cook


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The vegan lifestyle seems to turn many people off. All the restrictions tend to make the diet a hard one to keep up with, but the astounding health benefits of veganism is definitely worth the trouble. However, something that does tend to pose as an issue for vegans now is variety in their meal plans. How creative can one be, given all the food limitations?

The answer is, very.

As one of top contenders for best apps for vegans in 2015, this app will surely add some variety and creative in your vegan meals. No longer is it necessary to scour the internet for vegan cookbooks, or visit different bookstores to see if they’ve added anything to their vegetarian section, because VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder is the only resource you need.

It might be strange turning to your smartphone for help on your vegan lifestyle, but consumers are using their smartphones for anything and almost everything. Gaming Realms, operator of newly launched casino portal Spin Genie, estimated there to be one billion smartphone users in the world, a number that is predicted to double by 2016 according to the Telegraph;. This gives a greater percentage of the world’s population more access to apps, finding more uses for their smartphones, even using their gadgets as a digitally enhanced vegan cookbook.

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So, why is the VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder so great? For starters, there are more than 13,000 user-submitted recipes that will transform your lifeless vegan meals into exciting, palatable experiences. Recipes can be easily searched and stored to save your favorites. You can also submit your own recipes, or share some from the app via social media. With this app, you’ll never have to worry about a boring vegan meal again, as users all over the globe contribute new recipes every day.

Have access to tasty, tried-and-tested vegan meals today by purchasing it from the iTunes App Store for just $2.99.

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