Open Wide Please!


Visiting the dentist every six months for your check up for the “open wide” conversation is not usually something we relish, but it can be a lot worse if we haven’t really looked after our teeth since the last visit. No matter how busy and hectic your lifestyle may be, you should always put aside a few minutes a day for your teeth. If you don’t think it is a big deal, just picture yourself in ten years with a set of dentures! These days we are living much longer than our ancestors managed, but our teeth need to make that journey too. If you wish to have a dazzling smile for the rest of your natural days, please read this article for some common sense reminders.

Twice A Day

Brushing twice a day for better dental health

You should brush your teeth twice a day, if you can manage it three times, even better! This activity should take you 2 minutes if you do it properly, twenty seconds and a swill of mouthwash will not be sufficient. Spend at least thirty seconds in each corner and remember to brush in a circular motion to shift the plaque. Use a fluoride paste and renew your tooth brush every four months. If you can afford a decent electric toothbrush, you will be giving your teeth a dentist quality brush every time.


flossing for better dental health

No matter how thoroughly you brush your ‘gnashers’, you will not be able to access the area between your teeth. This is where plaque hides away and you should try and ruin its day, every day! Your flossing activities should also remove the plaque from under your gum line, and this will avoid gum disease in later life.


Fresh Breath And More!

Mouthwash is a wonderful product that actually does what it says on the bottle, because it will kill the bacteria that gives us bad breath and it helps in the battle against plaque. Some flavors can be a little strong so check the product description before making the purchase. You can use mouthwash after brushing your teeth, it will also help to move the particles that have been worked loose by your brushing. If you are in a rush and have just eaten some spicy dish, you can use your mouthwash to fool your date into thinking you haven’t eaten for hours!

Tongue Twisters

We have neglected our mouth’s other occupant for many years, but we’ve finally started to pay more attention to the smooth charmer. The tongue is a hotbed for germs to congregate amongst, this leads to bad breath and they can spread to your teeth and gums. You can brush your tongue using toothpaste and your toothbrush, or you can buy a bespoke brush and gel set for this activity. Either way, your tongue will thank you for it!

Hygienist Visit

If your dentist has a hygienist team on the premises, you should visit them the same time as your bi-annual checkup. They will provide toothache remedies and ensure that your teeth receive a deep clean and will be able to spot any issues that may be about to develop.

This post is authored by Viki Bettis. Crime fighter by night, she masquerades during the day as a dentist in Bristol, Virginia at Bettis Family Dentistry, a dental health clinic. In her spare time, she likes to write about dental and oral problems as well as solutions.

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