Nursing Opportunities


nurseWhen you think about nursing, you might think that you have to attend class on a college campus. While this is true in most cases that involve a lot of clinical work, there are some online RN to MSN programs that don’t require you to attend a campus. One of the advantages of having an MSN compared to an RN degree is that the pay often increases with the degree. This can be a major benefit to your family as it will give you more money to spend on bills and luxuries. This is good news because many hospital systems throughout the United States require all newly hired nurses to hold at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Depending on the actual job, a hospital might also require you to hold a master’s degree in nursing. Hospitals now recognize the relationship between high levels of education and the quality of care that patients receive, which is why they want their nurses to earn a degree. Some hospitals will hire nurses who don’t have a bachelor’s degree, as long as they enroll in the program soon after they are awarded the position

The coursework that is taught in the MSN program is similar to what you would learn in a basic medical physician program. There are several roles to choose from upon completion of the degree. A nurse practitioner is a common profession that many people with an MSN choose as their career. This is a career where you will diagnose and then treat the patient, similar to what the doctor would do in the office. However, there are some skills that you won’t be able to perform that are more in depth with the health of the patient.

A nurse anesthetist is another option. You will work closely with surgeons to provide the anesthetics to the patients before the surgical procedure. Some of the nurses in this career path work with dentists and obstetricians during childbirth procedures as well. If you enjoy working with babies, then you will find that a certified midwife is an option with the MSN. You will provide care to women who are pregnant. Everything from prenatal care to assistance during the labor and delivery will be provided. You will also be responsible for the care of the baby after the birth.

Another important advantage to having an MSN is that many insurance companies are encouraging patients to see someone with the degree who is working as a physician’s assistant. The prices of the services are often lower for patients when they see someone with an MSN compared to seeing a doctor who has been to school for 8-12 years. Nurses with an MSN are in high demand across the country, so the job market looks to be good for several years.

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