Neck Pain Exercises That Will Do the Trick

woman in training gear holding her neck in pain

exercises for neck pain reliefNeck pain can be particularly unpleasant as it makes performing basic tasks very difficult, such as turning your head, sitting at a desk and even sleeping. In addition, neck pain can worsen or even cause headache pain.

A good, natural way to control neck pain is through exercise. The following are several exercises that are good for controlling neck pain.

Neck Pain Basic Stretch

In the most basic form, a neck stretch will test your various range of motions. Ideally you will stretch each range for 10 seconds each. Be sure to also focus on the range that is most painful or uncomfortable. The more you stretch this area, the better it will feel overtime.

Some possible ranges of motion are:

  • Neck Flexion: Move your head forward by flexing your neck. Continue moving forward until your chin touches you upper chest.
  • Neck Extension: Move your head backwards as far as you can without overextending it.
  • Lateral Flexion: Begin by lowering your left ear toward your left shoulder. Follow up by lowering your right ear toward you right shoulder.
  • Rotation: Turn your head to the left over your shoulder. Do the same, turning your head to the right.

Levator Scapula Stretch

One very effective neck stretch works on the levator scapula muscle, which contributes greatly to neck pain. To do this stretch, raise one elbow above the shoulder and rest it against a wall or door frame. Turn you head away from your raised arm and lower your chin. This will stretch the levator scapula, which is attached to the shoulder blade. To lengthen the stretch, bring your head forward slowly with the fingers of your other hand. Hold for 30-60 seconds before releasing.

Chin Tucks

Strengthening the muscles surrounding the neck is an essential part of relieving neck pain. Chin tucks are an easy exercise to help strengthen those neck and back muscles. To perform this exercise, sit or stand tall with your back straight. Slowly tuck your chin until you feel a mild stretch. This should not be painful. Hold for 3 seconds.

Shoulder Blade Squeezes

This strengthening exercise is excellent for the back and neck and is quite simple. While sitting or standing tall, slowly squeeze your shoulder blades together as far as possible without pain. Hold for 5 seconds.

If you experience neck pain in Melbourne or any other city around the world, a regular routine of these exercises will help relieve some of that pain. If you continue to experience chronic neck pain, contact a doctor for help.

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