Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps


natural remedies for leg crampsLeg cramps is not as serious as it may seem. But the pain and the discomfort can easily send your stress and anxiety levels to the roof. People that have experienced it swear that it is an experience that you don't want to get. That is why it is best to arm yourself with information that you can use in the event of leg cramps. The education can also be handy in helping a family member or a friend that is in need of help due to leg cramps. Here are some natural remedies for leg cramps that you can use to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Natural Remedies for Leg Cramps


They say that prevention is better than cure. That is why in order not to feel the pain and discomfort of leg cramps it is best not to have it at all. Nutrition plays a big part in keeping the prospect of leg cramps at bay. Try to tone down on foods that have high contents of phosphoric acid. Meats and sodas are number one sources of phosphoric acid. It is best that you seek alternative sources of proteins to avoid getting too much phosphoric acid. Legumes and other plant-based protein sources are recommended.


Low potassium levels often cause leg cramps. You can get potassium by eating lots of bananas. Apple cider vinegar is another rich source of potassium. Mix about two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water and drink it as a tonic. Avocado, mushrooms, yogurt and kefir are also rich sources of potassium. Potassium is not only good against leg cramps but it can also help lower blood pressure which tends to get high when you are under stress and feeling anxiety symptoms.


Massage is another way to ease the pain and discomfort that you get when you start cramping. Sit down and bend your knee on the cramped leg. Bring it towards your chest and massage the area behind your calf muscle. The area is located halfway the back of your knee and the heel. It is best to do deep breathing exercises when you do this. Try to gently apply some pressure on the back of your leg and stroke it upwards.

Hot water

Another way to ease the pain is to put hot compress or a hot water bottle underneath the affected area. A word of caution, make sure the hot compress is not too hot that it could cause burns. You may need to ask for assistance on this one as it can cause accidents that may cause more damage. Hot water bottles can bring general relief to the affected area and could provide a relaxing feel.


sodiumWhen you are cramping because you have been active then it is best to rehydrate with a pinch of salt. Sports drinks can also help replenish lost fluids caused by activity or exercise.

If you do suffer from leg cramps often it may be a symptom of a more serious condition. It is best to consult a doctor to see what the problem really is. It is best to have your condition checked before it is too late.

Leg cramps can indeed make you vulnerable to experiencing anxiety. If you want to learn to manage your anxiety levels, feel free to check out Calm Clinic.

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