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natural home guide

Do you live in a “natural home?” A natural home is a residence that utilizes everything from energy-efficient light bulbs to plant-based cleaners to organic grains. believes these types of products are good choices for yourself, which can directly help you reduce your impact on the environment. You will find these organic, natural, and earth friendly products on With these natural products you can create a comfortable, inviting and happy natural home for you and your family.

Natural Home Tips By Room

Here are some tips that will help turn each room of your home into a natural home!

Bedroom Tips

Sheets – Even organic bedding may be treated with chemical-based finishes. Take a closer look at products with labels like “permanent press”, “wrinkle resistant” or “easy care.”

Kitchen Tips

Cleaning – Consider plant-based cleaners for wiping down countertops and scrubbing veggies. They contain naturally-derived ingredients, which break down dirt and pack a powerful cleaning punch.

Pantry – Fill it thoughtfully, cook with care and forget the artificial ingredients.

Tile – floor tile can also be made out of natural products that come from the Earth. Find a wide away of natural tiles at

Did you know that you can compost coffee filters, tea bags, cardboard scraps, brown paper bags, paper towels, shredded newspaper, toothpicks, burnt matches, lint and pet fur.

Kid’s Room Tips

Clothing – If you love adorable prints and patterns, consider play clothes and pjs colored with organic or vegetable-based dyes.

Crib Mattress –Opt for a mattress made with natural materials like organic cotton, wool padding, and PVC-free rubber or latex.

Bathroom Tips

Washing Up – Consider sulfate-free personal care products. Sulfates, found in many shampoos, cleansers and soaps can irritate skin

Laundry Room Tips

Detergent – Choose ultra-concentrated formulas, which help reduce water use and packaging.  Less detergent, less water and less energy. If only there was less to wash…

The Standard

Before deciding to carry a product, the team reviews the description provided by the vendor to determine that its materials and ingredients are organic, natural or made mostly from sustainable materials. They also determine if products are energy efficient, water efficient, reusable, designed to remove toxins or use renewable energy.

Full Natural Home Guide

For more room by room tips and product suggestions that will help you turn your home into the natural home of your dreams and save money at the same time, visit the beautiful 42 page Natural Home Guide sponsored by Biokleen and don’t forget to enter to win an energy star washer and dryer!

natural home guide

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