Myths About CBD That You Need to Know Now


CBD is known far and wide as a breakthrough in medical history. To many people, this is a solution for all health challenges. Unfortunately, a lot of the information out there has misled numerous people into believing that you can visit a pharmaceutical shop or website and order a bottle of CBD product to cure your ailments and health conditions.


Experts have been working very hard to debunk the many myths and provide people with the truth. A good article like this one will also look at common myths about CBD and the truth that you should know. Read on to learn more.

CBD Is Exclusively a Product of Marijuana

No, it is not. When people talk about cannabis, the only thing they think about is marijuana. The best CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is in the same family as the marijuana plant. The reason why CBD products are extracted from hemp is to avoid the high THC in marijuana. They have 0.3% and 30% respectively. As you buy CBD products, be sure to check the labels and buy those derived from the hemp plant.

Effects of CBD Are Not Scientifically Proven

Wrong again! Researchers have been focusing on CBD for a long time now. And they have made major progress towards learning all its health benefits. Although there is a lot that must be discovered in future studies, CBD has now been confirmed as a medicine for many illnesses, especially those that are related to inflammation and stress. So, you should not be surprised when CBD supplements and medication are dispensed to you at a health facility.

It Gets You High

Let’s put things straight; CBD products are made from cannabis plants, but they do not contain THC. According to the manufacturers and independent research labs, there is no significant amount of THC in CBD products. Even if you visit the CannaFlower website today and buy a bottle of CBD oil for consumption, you will not get high.

CBD Does Not Affect Drug Tests

If you are about to have a drug test for a job, it is better to quit the use of CBD supplements and medications. There is no guarantee that it will not show up in the test. However, this depends on what the employer is looking for. Unfortunately, some manufacturers add THC to CBD products, which can negatively affect your drug test if you did not check the labels to determine the percentage.

Hemp Is Totally Illegal

Many countries have made the move to make the hemp plant legal so that farmers can cultivate it as they wish. In the USA and UK, hemp farming is controlled. One has to obtain a license to grow it. Therefore, it is not right to say that it is totally illegal. More countries are now realizing that hemp is a non-psychoactive plant with numerous health benefits, and they are now accepting its growth. However, many of them control the growth, processing, and distribution of CBD products.

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