Must Haves for Every Family’s Medicine Cabinet

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When was the last time you went through every single item in your medicine cabinet? If it’s been awhile, there’s no time like the present. And while you’re sorting through everything, take note not only of what you need, but what might need updating. Here’s a list of must haves to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

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Refresh the Basics

Are you going to be prepared when your oldest takes a nasty spill off of her bike? If the larger bandages in your medical kit are older than your child, it’s definitely time to refresh your supply — including gauze, medical tape and medicated ointment. Now’s also a good time to have a bit of a refresher on wound care at home, too. Check the dates on any over-the-counter or prescription medications and safely dispose of any expired products. Making sure other items such as allergy treatments (oral and topical) and remedies for nausea and digestive issues are also well stocked.

Be Ready for Fevers

By now, you’re probably used to the signs of a fever… the fatigue, the chills, the overall terrible feeling. And since it’s good to know if a fever is present, having a high quality and dependable thermometer should be on the top of your supply list. There are several options based on individual needs but for contact free or non-invasive methods for temperature taking, infrared thermometers will quickly become the star of your medicine cabinet. Another good item to have on hand? A good old fashioned hot water bottle. This tried and true method is a wonderful way to ease away the aches and pains so often brought on by a fever.

Stock up on Household Essentials

Do you know when an ideal time is to realize that you’re out of tissues or toilet paper? The easy answer to that is… there’s never a good time. Being prepared will get you through seasonal allergies to colds and the dreaded stomach virus without skipping a beat. Setting up auto deliveries for these items as well as other essentials such as hand soap, disinfectants, laundry products and other personal items is another way to help your household run as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to your family’s health, being prepared is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Taking the time to make sure you’re all set will be well worth it.


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