How To Pack On More Muscle In Less Time


more muscle in less time

Many people who aren’t in the kind of shape they want to be claim that it’s because they don’t have the time they need to be able to commit to a new training regime. Such people will probably come home after a hard day at work feeling drained and tired, and they will feel unable to drag themselves to the gym as a result day after day until they give up altogether. For others who do remain dedicated the rest of their commitments can often end up falling by the wayside. They are going to the gym 6-7 times a week and training for hours, and as a result they aren’t spending enough time with their friends or family or ever really getting to enjoy that muscle they’ve packed on. But the reality is that it doesn’t necessarily need to take more time for you to get into better shape, and you might find that in fact spending less time working out can lead to better results. Here we will look at some ways to train less, but grow more and therefore get more muscle in less time.

More Muscle In Less Time: Use a Better Split

If you ask a professional bodybuilder how often they train their biceps, they’ll tell you once a week. The whole idea is that you work out so effectively on that one day, that the muscle group needs at least a week to recover afterwards. This is called devising a ‘split’ for your workouts, and by grouping certain muscles together (such as biceps and lats which are a logical pairing) you can train much more efficiently which will contribute more to your muscle growth.

More Muscle In Less Time: Increase Intensity

What’s a thousand times better than doing nine sets of ten repetitions is to do a drop set (where you keep going but just lower the weight each time you reach failure) or a super set (where you use another exercise in between rather than resting). These techniques increase the intensity of your workout so that you can get a better burn in less time and this way you can give your biceps a better workout in fifteen minutes than many people do in an hour.

More Muscle In Less Time: Cut the Rest

If you are spending minutes at a time sitting on the bench waiting for your next set then you’re wasting a lot of time and losing your pump. Cut this rest time down to a minute max and you’ll find your workouts are much more effective as a result.

More Muscle In Less Time: Listen to Your Body

If you train often enough you should begin to be able to innately ‘tell’ when you’re getting a good workout. Feel for that slight pain in your muscles and then try and replicate this in any way necessary to do more damage in less time. If you’re not breaking a sweat, you need to change your game.

More Muscle In Less Time: Cut the Commute

If your trip to the gym takes twenty minutes then that’s 40 minutes you’ve added onto the session. There are two solutions which are to either train at home and create a home gym, or to move to a closer gym even if it means paying more/losing some facilities.

More Muscle In Less Time: Fit it In

Alternatively you can also fit your gym session into your daily routine in other ways – by signing up to a gym that’s on your way home from work for instance, or even going to the gym during your lunch break.

More Muscle In Less Time: Use Better Supplements

If you don’t have a great supplements stack then you’re not capitalizing on all your hard work and you won’t get as much benefit from it. Make sure you get lots of protein and use things like testosterone boosters or NO2. Using turkesterone is an effective way to build more muscle and retain it in the long term.

Simon Nash is a gym instructor by profession. He plays his trade at a local gym in Melbourne and has tremendous knowledge about health issues. For those dreaming of attaining a great body, he suggests horizon folding treadmill, an excellent equipment which gets a person in shape in no time at all.

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