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Mix it Up WorkoutI like to mix up my workout routine because I can get bored VERY quickly! I’ve tried gym memberships, yoga, cross training and running groups. I still attempt all of those things but am not committed to anything (except of course DAILY exercise!) Some people thrive on going to gyms and fitness groups to keep them motivated, and that’s great… but it’s just not me! This weekly workout plan is a typical week for me, sometimes adding variations based on weather and how my body and mind feels. It is for those who are like me and just want to get up and get it done without the hassle of getting in the car and to the gym.

I add weight and strength training to cardio daily to get a total body work out every day of the week (except Saturday – rest day!!) I typically run before I do any strength training, just to get my heart rate up and blood flowing. You can decide what you like and hopefully structure your daily routine to what works for you!

A few reminders:

Please do not perform any exercises without consulting your doctor if concerned with health issues.

Please do not push yourself more than you can handle. You will get stronger with time, so if you cannot perform each exercise to the full extent, take a break and try again tomorrow! STAY POSITIVE!!

Make sure you have a comfortable floor to conduct your sit ups. You don’t want to get a knot doing them on pine flooring or hardwood floors. You have no other option, get a workout mat to lay on top of the floor.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch! Stretch a bit before starting your exercise and for at least 5 minutes after. Stretching promotes circulation and allows the body to wake up and perform at its best.

Remember to eat. Grab a small snack about 30 minutes before each workout, HYDRATE before during and after, and eat a protein packed snack or meal after your workout (preferably within 30 minutes of ending your workout).

Mix it Up Workout Plan

Monday – 30 minute run then workout

Leg Day! (They will be shaky when you’re done!!)

3 x 25 Squats (holding 8lb medicine ball)

3 x 10 (per side) Side Lunge with Rotation (holding 8lb medicine ball)

3 x 25 Sumo Squat with press (holding 2 8-12 lb dumbbells)

3 x 10 Squat Jumps

Burpees and Plank in between each set above:

Burpees – 30 seconds

Plank – 1 minute

Tuesday – Workout Then Run

100 crunches on stability ball

3 x 10 push ups

3 x 25 sumo squats

30 minute run (3 miles or more)

Wednesday – 30 minute run then workout

Abs and Butt Workout (Do 5 minute circuit 3 times – total 15 minutes)

Bicycles – 1 minute

Crazy Ivans – 1 minute

Step back lunge holding 8-12 lb dumbbells – 1 minute

Sumo Squats holding 8 lb medicine ball – 1 minute

Opposite arm superman – 1 minute (30 seconds per side)

Thursday – 30 minute run then workout

Arms and Back Workout

3 x 10 Medicine ball triceps pushups

3 x 10 Dips with legs straight

Cobra pose – 1 minute

3 x 15 8-12 lb dumbbell flys

3 x 15 8-12 lb dumbell kickbacks

Friday – 6 mile hike (No hiking trail? Repeat Tuesday workout!)

Ab Workout (Do 5 minute circuit 3 times – total 15 minutes)

Plank – 1 minute

Crazy Ivans – 1 minute

Full Extensions (holding 8 lb medicine ball) – 1 minute

Plank Row (holding 8-12 lb dumbbells) – 1 minute

Russian Twists (holding  lb medicine ball) – 1 minute

Saturday – Rest!!!

Sunday – 30-60 minute Yoga session

Find a yoga studio in your area and sign up for a class once a week!

You can find many free yoga videos on iTunes from Yoga Journal

    • Corina Ramos
    • August 2, 2013

    Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for sharing this work out plan with us. I’m focusing on my butt and abs so I’m looking forward to trying these routines.

    Have a great weekend!

      • Nicole
      • August 28, 2013

      Hi Corina! So glad you like it! Its definitely a killer on your abs and butt!

      Thanks for your feedback!

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