Listening to Music While Writing – Does it Help?


Classical music to listen to while writing: is it useful or not?

Students nowadays are busy and they usually feel the lack of free time. That’s why it is very important for them to find the source of inspiration, which will increase their productivity to carry out the bunch of different tasks significantly quicker.  There are no secrets how to create the atmosphere, which will motivate you to work hard because it’s very individually. The most popular way to focus all efforts on your aim is listening to music while writing an essay.  However, is it possible to increase your productivity with the aid of music? Some people still think that, it’s just no more than self-deception. We are going to figure out this issue in our article.


There are only two types of students: some people believe that listening to music during writing can be useful for productivity, while other students don’t agree with this point of view. To be honest, all of them are right because in fact it always depends on the character and preferences of the particular person. Some people cannot work without additional sounds in the background. It helps them to avoid distractions and forget about the fuss of our world.

On the other hand, some people, including scientists, are sure that listening to music cannot facilitate your studying. They declare that our brain cannot focus on two things simultaneously and as the result, it has a dramatic impact on your performance. Some of them also admit that there are some exceptions. For example, you can listen to music, but only without words. They connect it with the fact that some sounds can stimulate your brain activity, but when you are listening to music with words, you think about your tasks and the meaning of words. You try to create something in your imagination, which is connected with the topic of a song or remember some previous events in your life. As the result, your effectiveness is very low.

What should you do if you still feel the importance while listening to music while writing?

If our arguments are not enough persuasive for you and you cannot forget about listening to best music while writing, you should follow simple tips to reduce the negative impact to a minimum.

  • If you have already had a habit to turn on music while writing, you should at least find the appropriate track for this process. For example, download songs without words or even find on the Internet some playlists with the ambient music such as sounds of rain, water or forest. There are many websites on the Internet, which give you an opportunity to do it online. For example, you can visit the special website – Noisli, where you can find the appropriate sound of nature. In addition, there are some services, where neuropsychologists create music for studying, but most of their songs are not for free.
  • Furthermore, you shouldn’t listen to very loud music. Songs have to be in the background to avoid negative impact.
  • Finally, according to recent research, it will be significantly better to listen to classical music, which increases your concentration while writing Spider Essay. However, you can choose music, which matches your preferences.

Conclusion: Therefore, there is no single answer to this question because the impact of listening to music during writing can vary and it depends on the person. Therefore, to choose the best variant for you, follow our advice and work hard!

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