Latest Trends and Developments in Implant Dentistry


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Geriatric Dental IssuesDental implants are common devices for patients in certain age demographics, so with the baby boomer generation entering older adulthood, dentists can get ahead of the curve by learning about the latest trends in implant dentistry.

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Some of the trends and developments in the world of implants include:

  • More Coverage by Insurance: It used to be that dental insurance would only cover implants in very specific cases, but coverage is expanding as the need for implants grows. This has helped more patients access these treatments, and has encouraged more people to speak about them with their doctor.
  • High Success Rates: Dental implants have become the most successful use of prosthetics in the body, with a success rate for implementation around 95% of all procedures done.
  • Better technology: Dental implants today are far superior to their predecessors, as they have benefited from huge progress in technology. Now, better quality materials result in better crafted devices, and improved techniques for implanting devices have helped significantly reduce patient healing time.
  • Full-arch restorations: Not too long ago this procedure was relatively unknown, but these days more and more patients are aware of it. These are typically attached to implant devices, and with new advances in technology, are made from surfaces that reduce healing and improve function.
  • The reduction of cement use: While cements were traditionally used to affix dental devices, nowadays patients are thrilled about the safer and simpler options of going for cement alternatives.
  • Virtual reality: Experts see the future of implant dentistry to use more and more virtual reality technologies. These days’ savvy dentists have started to access opportunities to practice new techniques and methods in virtual simulations.
  • Faster to put in: Patients appreciate less time in the dentist’s chair, and today’s advances in implants has made them significantly faster and easier to fit than those made in the past. Nowadays patients can be out of the office faster, and will find faster healing times and better quality.
  • Cosmetic use: More and more people are looking to dental implants for cosmetic purposes. Rather than old-fashioned dentures, the new demographics of implant wearers is more likely to appreciate higher quality and better looking options. Furthermore, even younger patients are turning to implants in the case of tooth loss.

Implant dentistry is poised for huge growth in the immediate future, and studies have estimated that over 30 million adults in America alone will need dental implants by the year 2020. As technology increases so do processes and devices, so dentists should access resources to stay abreast of these trends.

The great news is, that while technology has improved dentistry practices it has also expanded knowledge bases available for dentists to increase their knowledge, and to share tips with providers from all over the world.

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