Knowing the Bone-Building Nutrients


bonesDo you get bone-related injuries often? It may be time to have a doctor check your bone density. People that have problems with their bones may lack the necessary bone-building nutrients that can help them ward off potential injuries. The bones are important because without them we are unable to walk, sit or even stand. Let’s take a quick look at the nutrients and try to incorporate them into our diet for healthier bones.


Calcium is the building block of bones. Without calcium having bones would be next to impossible. It is best to get at least 1000 mg of calcium each day. The best sources of calcium are from dairy products. Typically, a normal diet would have not much calcium in it that is why people have started taking supplements. While supplements are good it should be directed by a physician. It is best to get your calcium needs from the food that you eat. Other than dairy, foods that are rich in calcium are soy-based food, broccoli, white beans and almonds.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is perhaps the easiest vitamin to have. You just need to get exposed at least 15 minutes every other day under the sun. But in some places and cultures this may be harder than it should be. You can also get some vitamin D through your diet. Eggs are rich sources of vitamin D. A simple and cheap test can easily determine the amount of vitamin D in the blood to check if there is a need for supplements or additional exposure to the sun.


It is common to have less ample consumption of folate also known as vitamin B9. It is best to aim to get at least 400 mcg of folate from the food that you eat. The good thing about folate is that there are food preparations that have been fortified with this vitamin. It is also recommended to get some through supplements but it should be under the supervision of a doctor.

Magnesium is not only good for the bones it is also great for the mind. Magnesium helps people to create more serotonin in the body which is great to help people that are suffering from anxiety symptoms. Aside from that, it is great for the bones as it combines forces with calcium to help strengthen it and reduce the risk of injuries. Magnesium makes the absorption of calcium efficient and is the best bet to prevent osteoporosis.


There are lots of fruits and vegetables that contain potassium. Not only it is great to maintain the electrolytes in the body, it is also great for bone health. A diet that is full of potassium can help arrest the bone density decline. This decline often comes as part of the aging process. It is best to eat a lot of bananas, antelopes and apricots.

Bone health is essential because the bone declines in quality as we grow old. Nutrients are essential to prevent bone-related injuries and disorders that may lower the quality of life. Always check with your doctor and dietician to find the best combination of food for your bones.

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