Know the Difference Between Back Ribs and Spare Ribs


Summer is upon us in Australia, and the barbeque season is well underway, and with hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks on the menu, it might be an idea to look at something a little different. Pork ribs are delicious and are perfect for any occasion all year round, so if you think you might like to try a rack or two, here is some information to help you make the right choice when buying your ribs.

Back Ribs

Often called baby ribs, and not because they come from a piglet, rather that they are smaller than spare ribs. Back ribs are cut from the spine at the point where the rib meets after the loin has been removed, and there are up to 13 ribs in a rack. These are the tenderest ribs on the animal, and usually have slightly more meat that the spare ribs, and are very popular for that reason. If you are looking for a steak restaurant, and are in the Perth area, click here for information on one of the leading steak and rib houses in the city. A rack of baby back ribs weighs between 1.5 to 2kg and is ideal for two adults.

Spare Ribs

Spare ribs cover the belly and are cut off when that is removed, and they are very fleshy. There’s more fat in this area, and that means extra flavor, which is one reason for spare ribs being the most ordered ribs wherever you go. The ribs are typically trimmed by removing the hard breastbone and the cartilage, which leaves the rack with a more rectangular form, as opposed to the curved shape of the back ribs. This particular way of trimming the rack is known as the “St. Louis Cut”, and it is popular among top rib restaurants around the world. If you are in Western Australia, and are looking for a steak restaurant, you can enjoy some of the best ribs in Perth, all at affordable prices. The reason for the name “spare” ribs is thought to come from the word “sparse”, as these ribs do not contain as much meat as the fleshy chops which come from the same area.

Longer Cooking Times

Spare ribs are generally thicker and have more flesh, which means they need to be cooked a little longer than back ribs. Having the right rib rack is important if you are going to cook the ribs correctly, and any steakhouse that specializes in ribs would have all the right equipment to produce the perfect rack of ribs.

Pork ribs have long been a favorite for those who are passionate about barbeques, and with the right preparation and dressings, you can really bring out the flavor. Most popular restaurants have their own particular sauces, some spicy, some sweet, and some completely unique. If you want to sample some of the best ribs in your area, a simple online search should give you the location of a good rib and steak restaurant in your area.



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