Jenny Craig Diet Review: Does It Work?

The word diet spelt out in vegetables on a wooden board.

The Jenny Craig diet suggests an easy way of losing weight, based on cutting calories and fats down and eating in small portions. Jenny suggests a three-level program and a list of prepacked food for each level.

However, the ingredients of the prepacked meals, it offers, often have side effects. For instance, some ingredients may cause cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and cancer (these include corn syrup, carrageenan, guar gum, hydrolyzed yeast protein, modified food starch, etc.)

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You will also get an opportunity to consult with a Jenny Craig expert once a week, who used to follow this diet too.

Although there is no evidence of that, except the certificate they issued by the Jenny Craig Inc. company, they work with. So you cannot be sure that your advisor has actually followed the diet or had any weight problems after all.

The diet itself may last for an indefinite time, although many dieters believe the foods will become repetitive and see no reason to continue it for a long time.

During the first stage, you will be suggested to have three prepacked basic meals and a snack. Once you lose half of the planned weight, you start cooking on your own using Jenny’s recipes twice a week. For the last 5 days, you are having the prepacked meals, they deliver you. After you lose the planned weight completely, you will have four weeks to transfer to your own meals, following Craig’s recommendations.

The thing is that the prepacked meals require additives for stabilizing food, as well as preserving it. The Jenny Craig dieters have no idea that they get cheap additives with these meals. This may cause some serious issues, including obesity. If you follow the diet, your body may suffer from the potentially harmful food, which makes this option not so attractive, as it seemed to be.

Despite the fact that the diet suggests a certain set of prepacked meals from Jenny Craig cuisine, it is made flexible for you. In some cases, it is allowed to have 250 calories more. This depends on your physical activity level. Moreover, the program motivates you, offering to visit your individual expert and talk about the issues. The only question is whether these consultations are worth your money.

If you decided to start the program, you will need to pay $99. In addition, 3 consultations will cost you about $20. There is also a fee for prepacked foods, which varies from $15 to $23. All in all, you will spend about $100 each week on the diet, which is quite expensive, considering the quality of the products, they offer. Not everyone can afford it. Not to say about the hidden charges.

Finally, you may say that the high price may be reasonable, as you get a great service there. In fact, the customer service, they provide is as good as the ingredients. You can easily find some real complaints from people on that matter via the internet.

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