Is It Time For Reading Glasses?


reading glassesIf you are a keen reader and like nothing better than to shut yourself away for a few hours whilst digesting your latest novel, have you recently had any issues with focusing on the print? Or perhaps you have visited a posh restaurant recently and struggled to decipher the tiny text embossed on that flamboyant menu. If you needed to squint or strain your eyes in order to order your main course, it could be time for an eye test. You may have perfect vision for most daily tasks, but this article will point you in the right direction regarding your reading issues and help you determine whether or not it is time for reading glasses.

Presbyopia Explained

Presbyopia explained

Presbyopia describes the condition when an eye starts to lose its ability to focus on objects that are close. This is a common issue in people over the age of forty and should not be treated with any disdain or shame. The sad fact is that it is a part of getting older and affects pretty much everyone once they get past 40-50. The sooner we can come to term with this condition, the easier it is to rectify.

Have You Developed It?

Consider the last time you were reading a book, how were you holding it? If you held the book further away than you usually do, you may be developing this condition. This means that your eyes have started to lose the power to focus efficiently. If someone needs to hold the book a lot closer than normal, it usually means they have developed myopia, or near-sightedness.


Have you started to experience headaches more frequently than normal? Are your eyes always tired, even when you aren’t reading or doing anything in particular? Headaches can be the result of many different causes, but you should have an eye test just to rule out that possibility. One way of checking if they are directly connected to your vision issues, take a break from staring at the computer screen, watching television or reading books and magazines. If the headaches start to diminish, you probably have started to develop a vision related issue.

Other Symptoms

You may not be suffering from headaches or needing to squint when reading a book, but there are other clues that could spell visionary issues ahead. Do you often spill your food when trying to remove it from the plate? Is it a little harder to understand those instructions or road signs when you are driving to somewhere new. We often make allowances for road signs when we are in a familiar area, but that becomes a different story if we actually need to take the information on board.

Your Occupation Could Be The Reason

Certain lines of work are responsible for our eyesight deteriorating faster in comparison with other jobs. If you are sat in front of a PC all day, you may be focusing too hard on the screen for extended periods. The lighting system in your warehouse or the detail you are required to see into that t-shirt may also put extra strain on your eyes.

Get A Check Up Now!

Get a regular eye exam

Even though we are advised to see the dentist every 6 months, we do not put the same value on a 24 month check up with the optician. Teeth are very important to us, but our eyes are just as vital, if not more so.

Daniel Nicholas is an optometrist by profession. According to him, tf2043b is an eye-frame that suits all ages and gender.

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