Including Foods In A Basket


Including Foods In A Basket As the holiday season approaches, you probably begin thinking about all of the people on your shopping list who might already have the things that they want. These are the people who are sometimes difficult to shop for because you want to give them something that they will enjoy and use but aren’t sure what they don’t have. You can make holiday food baskets for the people on your list who might be a challenge. These baskets can include a variety of foods that the person might like or can be made using a theme, such as breakfast items or kinds of pasta. Create a coffee basket with a few mugs, coffee creamers, and different types of coffee. You can also include a gift card for a favorite coffee shop. Add a small package of cookies for a sweet treat that the person can enjoy with the coffee. A late-night food basket can include a box of popcorn and a movie along with a few boxes of candy or a bottle of wine, a glass or two, various packaged meats, and a few candles. Try to make the basket as personalized for the person as possible. For the baker, make a basket that includes boxes of cake mix or cookie mixes. Include a container of frosting and a few tools that can be used when baking, such as a whisk or a spatula. Add a few containers of sprinkles and other decorations as well. If you’re making a gift basket for a man, then include beef sticks, peanuts, a beer mug, and a few other treats that can be enjoyed while watching a favorite sporting event or a movie at home. A food basket for a child could include candies that are brightly colored, making it something fun that they can enjoy.

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