Improve Your Workout in 3 Easy Steps


There’s no question, working out is hard and sometimes it’s hard to see the payoff. So we’re always looking for ways to optimize and improve each and every workout. Here just 3 easy steps that when combined, will give you a significant boost in your workout.

Improve Your Workout

1. Drink coffee before you workout. Crazy right? Who would have thought? But it makes sense. You drink coffee in the morning to get pumped up and get your mind and body moving. Same goes for exercise.  Caffeine is actually proven to increase your endurance and allow you to workout longer and harder. We aren’t recommending you drink a gallon of coffee, just a small cup about 30 minutes before you work out.

2. Keep cool during a workout. By doing this, you have a better chance of not getting overheated. Add some extra ice to your water bottle before you work out and when you are doing an exercise that doesn’t require your hands, keep a hold of the bottle. This isn’t going to do wonders, but your body will get a benefit that your mind may not realize.

3. You know that sore feeling you get after working out? The one that effects you for the next three days and keeps you from working out again or at least gives you an excuse to not work out again? Well forget it, that’s not going to fly anymore. We have just the thing to heal those sore muscles and it will definitely shock you. Cherries! That’s right, eat some cherries after you work out. All those sores will go away much quicker and now you have no excuse to not get back on the treadmill!

These 3 easy steps should improve your workout. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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