The Importance of Truth


Many people fail to realize how essential truth is when building a solid relationship. It’s common for people to fall in love with the idea of love without really checking to see what’s under the hood of the person they think they are falling in love with. Without full knowledge of the other person, they are willing to make life changing decisions, all based on feelings. Unfortunately, many of these feelings aren’t rooted in truth and a relationship without truth fails.

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The Absence of Full Expression
We are all excited when we begin a relationship with someone. We get butterflies. We think about them all the time and more often than not, we’ve already imagined a life merged with theirs. During this honeymoon period, we rarely ask the difficult detailed questions that will begin to tell us if this person is truly for us. We avoid those questions for fear of breaking the affinity that we have with the other person. During this period, we are expressing ourselves, but not fully. Our fears, hesitations, and reservations remain neatly packed away.

Romance’s Plateau
After riding the hot air love balloon to seemingly high levels we begin to notice that we have slowed our lightning-fast ascension to the clouds. Our conversations have become circular because we’re still not digging any deeper. It is during this period that we may become bored or determine prematurely that the person is simply not right for us. However, the only real problem that occurs during a romance plateau is a limitation of full expression. This period is representative of all the conversations we’re not having that would draw us closer to each other or pull us apart for the greater good. When we hit this level we are essentially stuck in the middle with no information available to propel us forward or backward.

When Truth Prevails
If you can push your relationship through the plateau period and be brave enough to begin the job of fully understanding the person you are involved with, the truth has an opportunity to reveal a sincere love connection or troubling differences. Either result is positive because the truth sheds light on things that you need to know about the other person. If your love interest needs to take cetyl m as a dietary supplement in order to be healthy, you should know that. The truth is the light, regardless of what it reveals.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to building a strong and lasting relationship. There are things that you need to know about your love interest and vice versus. Avoiding those topics do nothing but cause a relationship to hit a wall. Let truth ring so that your relationship has the chance to soar.

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