Implant Dentistry: New Age Alternative to Dentures


Implant Dentistry - the New Age Alternative to DenturesA long time ago, if you had a rotten or massively decayed tooth that needed to be pulled, that was basically your only option. There wasn’t really much else you could do. Unless you were extremely rich, you just had to deal with that fact and live life without a tooth. Luckily those days are in the past. Now you’d never know just by looking at somebody that they had a tooth pulled (unless you were a dentist.) How is this possible? You can’t grow new teeth after your secondary teeth are lost, so how can you get back that smile that you once had without having to turn to dentures? Well, Implant dentistry will get you looking perfect in no time.

What Are Implants?

Dental implants are an increasingly popular and highly successful restorative procedure, however a lot people aren’t really familiar with what is going on or the process that is required. If you went to a plastic surgeon and wanted to get a breast implant, you would essentially be putting an artificial breast inside you for whatever reason. The same basic principle applies to dentistry as well. While you might not necessarily come into the dentist’s office asking for a “tooth job,” they are just as common. The reason you would need an implant is that your tooth is beyond repair. Sometimes it may just look like a simple filling but when the dentist gets in there, he finds that they decay is much more deep and severe than he thought. If a root canal won’t fix the problem, the next course of action is to extract it. So now your tooth is out and you need to replace that space with something. Depending of the amount of bone structure where you took the tooth from, you might need a bone graft to support it. This will allow the doctor to drill a post into that socket of bone in your jaw that will hold the artificial replacement tooth.

No One Will Ever Know!

After they put in the post, they will give it a few weeks to let your gums and mouth heal around the post before they go back in. They will then screw a top piece in that will hold your new tooth. The new part of the tooth that people will see is essentially a crown model of the original one. It will need to be sent to the lab and built from an existing impression of your old tooth (just as if you were to get a normal crown put on.) Once this is in, you are good to go and shouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. This procedure has an extremely high success rate and people are generally very satisfied with the results. So if you know you have some serious dental work coming up, you might want to talk to your doctor about implant dentistry in Denver and see if this procedure is right thing for you.

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