How Your Cell Phone Can Help You Get Fit


Exercise and diet are the two most important things in keeping your body and mind healthy and fit. This isn't new news. But, doing the same old workout routine every day not only becomes boring, but your muscles begin to memorize these movements and eventually get bored, too!

Here are some of my favorite apps (all free!!) to keep you motivated, your muscles confused (and working), and your diet on track:

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a great app I came across through my Runner’s World subscription. Your workouts are timed and logged so you can see how far you go and how much you progress. All you do is sign up for this app, pick a charity from their list (Autism Speaks, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Feeding America, ASPCA, World Food Programme, among others), and then start running, biking, or walking! This is a great app to keep you motivated by helping others. The farther you go, the more time and money you raise for these charities. The money is raised by different companies that invest in each charity, and in you, as a sponsored athlete!

Map My Fitness

Map My Fitness is one of the most well-known fitness apps around. You can walk, run, bike, and count calories with this free app! There are many great things about this tool. The nutrition section allows you to record everything you have consumed in that day and counts it against the calories you have burned. You are able to enter personal information to allow for a more accurate calorie count. The GPS tracking system allows you to make your own route based on location and distance and saves it for further use. You are able to find routes in your area that others have saved and rated based on distance, difficulty level, and type of workout. You can add your friends and motivate each other by setting a notification each time your friends post a workout. Map My Fitness is a great, no cost, tool to help get you to an overall healthy status.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is probably my favorite of my workout apps. It has over 100 different workouts based on your level of fitness and what part of your body you want to focus on. It’s like having your own personal trainer right in your living room! You can choose to Get Lean, Get Toned, or Get Strong in 30 or 45 minute sessions. You can also Focus on certain areas in 15 minute sessions. You will need to invest in some equipment such as dumbbells, a medicine ball, and resistance bands, but it is totally worth it! It has quick videos that show you how each movement should be performed so you don’t get confused or lost. The timer counts down and beeps when you should go on to the next movement. The motivator? Your points are scored based on the amount of time you exercise and you can unlock bonus workouts, recipes, and challenges the more time you log! Athletes such as Hope Solo, Shawn Johnson, Alex Morgan, Serena Williams, and Gabby Douglas have teamed up with NTC in the bonus workout section.  NTC is one of those apps that will get your blood flowing and the sweat pouring! You will feel the burn after any of these HIIT workouts!

Nike Running

Nike+ Running is an app that is, obviously, for runners. I love this app for many reasons. It calculates your Nike Fuel points, so no matter how much you move, you are the compared on the same level as anyone else. This app tracks your time and distance using a GPS tracker. It gives you motivators such as banners for your Longest Run, Farthest Run, and Fastest Mile. You can add friends and compete with them for distance. You can add challenges with your friends so you can motivate yourself and each other by seeing who completes the challenge first. The best thing about this app is that you are able to set your run to a certain time or a certain distance, and it gives you updates so you know exactly how far you have to go before you can turn around! It’s great for training for your first 5k!

Staying fit has never been easier! It’s all, literally, right at your fingertips! There’s little to no cost, except for maybe a few pieces of equipment. So grab your phone and check out what these apps have to offer!

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