How To Use Your Phone To Monitor Your Health… And Feel Better Than Ever


Cell phones have come a long way over the recent years. They have become a staple in everyday life and it is hard to find even middle school children who still do not have a cell phone in their pocket or purse. There have been many different apps for smartphones that can help you track what you eat or monitor your health on the go. While the technology is still not available to turn to your phone instead of going to the doctor’s office, there are ways to keep track of your health with the help of your phone.

Monitor Your Health With Your Phone


WebMD Health AppEveryone has visited or at least heard of WebMD. The website has taken societies by storm. Now you can take your health questions and concerns mobile, and have access to the WebMD articles whenever you leave the house. The mobile website makes it easy to find all the answers you are looking for, in both wellness and in health. The slideshows are easy to navigate with just a swipe of the fingers.

One of the key aspects of WebMD is the system checker. You can put in the symptoms you are experiencing and the website will reference the symptoms with many different illnesses and deliver the ones that match your symptoms.

They show the most common problems as well as the rare and incredibly dangerous. Do note that the symptom checker is a tool to help you understand your symptoms and should not be used as a diagnosing tool. If you are nervous about the results or your symptoms you should consult your physician immediately.

If that was not enough for you, WebMD’s app also shows the local health forecasts, such as UV danger and allergy information. Know the dangers of the sun and trees before you even roll out of bed in the morning.


iPharmacy is another medical phenomenon that has started to take over the mobile platforms as well. This app houses over twenty thousand different FDA approved drugs with guidance and precautions for each one that is listed. This can come in handy for those who were prescribed the medication while not actually listening to their doctor. Or some doctor’s may not fully outline some of the guidelines before prescribing.

The app also holds images of over ten thousand of the above mentioned prescriptions. You can rest easy knowing that the medicine matches the description and image. It is an unfortunate truth that Pharmacists also make mistakes. When they do, lives can be damaged or even taken. Remove that fear before popping those pills.

The app does more than just mention different medications though; much more. There is a medication reminder that you can set to take your medication daily, as well as when you are running low and need to call in a refill (when applicable).

It is always a possibility that you get sick away from home. Traveling is one of the easiest ways to get sick actually, and can leave you wondering where to get a Phentermine prescription filled. With this handy app, it can point out the closest pharmacies, give you their hours and telephone number as well.

Quit Smoking Pro

This is arguably one of the hardest times an individual can go through. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances and the symptoms of withdrawal can get quite severe. With the ease and accessibility of cigarettes, a strong willed person could buy a pack within minutes. If you have finally decided to quit the habit, you can use all the help you can get. Quit Smoking Pro is a necessity for anyone who is looking to do so.

This app shows you the positives of quitting, not just in general but for your specific scenario. It will show you the money you have saved, the time that has not been stolen from you, and you get set personal goals through the app. It can show you some of the dangerous effects of smoking and makes it easy to post about your progress on Facebook or Twitter.

Stress Check Pro

Stress Check Pro Health AppStress Check Pro is an important app for those who feel like their life is surrounded by stress. This is an innovative tool for giving you a numerical number for the amount of stress you have in your life. Through incredible technology already integrated into your phone, the app measures your heart rate through the camera and lights on your phone. From these, Stress Check will give you a percentage of stress you are going through at that exact moment.

Many people have a hard time coping with high levels of stress, and this app can help you manage your stress before it gets out of control. You can save the data on your phone and track the progress you have made in eliminating as much stress as possible. With that, you are also reducing the possibility of acquiring a stress induced illness or disease.


In order to best attack against illness and stress alike, you need to develop a workout routine to keep your body in shape. A fine-tuned body will be able to fight off many different illnesses and leave you feeling much more optimistic. CityRUNNR is an app to help you track your progress. Now you do not have to be a marathon runner in order to use this app, but it is perfect for those that live in cities. You can map your runs and time them to see if your pace is improving.

Personal health is often thrown aside in today’s society for work or social matters. It is important to keep yourself healthy; both mentally and physically. Be sure that you are taking care of your body, and in return, it will take care of you. There are many other apps on the market that help count calories and weight lifting as well and should be checked into as well. Above are some of the apps that can help contribute to your health by both body and mind.

Edward Turner is a freelance writer who is keen about health, fitness, technology and travel. He also writes for Foxwoods Resorts, a Connecticut resort spa and casino; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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