How to Turn Health and Fitness into a Career


Being healthy and fit is a way of life. Cooking the right meals, heading to the gym and breaking a sweat takes dedication; it is a lifestyle choice, and one many people make. Rather than binge on unhealthy snacks or ordering in takeaway once too often, you find clean recipes to feed yourself and your family, and you make sure to work out a few times a week. What if you could turn your passion for fitness and being healthy into a career, though? If this sounds great to you, here’s a quick guide on how to turn health and fitness into a career.

Refine Your Knowledge

To succeed, you need to make sure that you know your stuff. There are a lot of people claiming that they’re fitness experts, or who go to the gym and post enough images and captions online to gain a social media following. You want to be a thought leader in the health and fitness, though, so ensuring that you know the best practices, have knowledge on how to lose weight, gain muscle and what to eat, will make you influential.

Build a Social Media Following

Posting photos and videos of your fitness regime and what you’re cooking/eating online is a great way to interest people and make them listen to what you have to say. Sign up to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or if you already have them for personal use, start separate accounts purely for business use. Invite your friends to like and share your profile and page, and post regular content.

Before you post, consider your demographic and style. Instagram is a popular platform for many fitness and food bloggers, and all will have an aesthetic they abide by; for example, are you going to be homely in your approach, or are you going be more polished and refined? You’ll want to post high-quality images of your food, and good quality videos of your work out too, so investing in good camera equipment could improve your authority when compared to those who use their phones at the gym or when cooking.

To improve the professionalism of your social media accounts, make sure your images are sharp, and that all dimensions are considered. You’ll want have a stunning and un-pixilated Facebook cover photos, which can be done for free through Adobe Express, and you’ll want your Twitter banner to be the same quality.

Network and Become Sponsored

There are many people out there, who have the same mantra and beliefs as you, so reaching out becoming social media friends or forming a professional partnership could benefit the both of you. Also, when you’ve accumulated enough online visibility and authority, companies will start to contact you, asking you to sponsor their products. By sponsoring their goods, you are promoting them, usually being paid to do so or being given free products. This can be great, however, make sure you’re promoting something your truly believe in – you don’t want to be considered a sell-out. Be honest with your reviews, and your career will soon solidify.

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