How To Tell If Someone Is Addicted To Drugs


It can usually be very easily detected if someone is using drugs as they will exhibit wide-range of classic symptoms. Here is what to look for and what is usually defined as tell-tale signs that someone is using drugs.
drug addiction

1. Mood swings are common in those people who are using drugs. Someone may be on top of the world one minute and then act like they are terribly depressed shortly after. The emotional roller coaster they are one also does not strictly stick to happiness or sadness. They may also act angry or annoyed at others. Sometimes people lash out and blame others for the slightest infraction. These are all telltale signs that somebody may be abusing drugs.

2. The person may develop the polar opposites of their usual personality. If the person is very energetic, they may become quite sluggish. If they are normally laid back, they may behave in a very hyper manner. Even people who are very close to the person may feel rejected by the addict’s newfound behavior. This is a strong sign that the person needs to enter into opiate rehab in florida

3. No matter how honest the person is before taking drugs, the addiction to narcotics can have them stray from the path of righteousness. They will lie, cheat, and even steal to get the money necessary to buy the drugs. Some people even resort to selling their bodies to achieve the means to get the drugs their body craves. If somebody discovers that someone who is close to them has been filling their head full of lies, it may be because they are suffering from a hidden drug problem.

4. It is very difficult for people who are highly addicted to drugs to be able to communicate with others in a normal social setting. The physical attributes of the addict are quite common and almost stereotypical and involve such things as twitching or moving their hands or head excessively. The addict generally feels an internal anxiety when they have not taken a dose of their drugs in a while and it can be displayed in this manner of behavior. It may not even be the fault of the person on the drugs, they may be suffering from an inadvertent over prescription of opiates
overcoming addiction

5. Often, depending on the drug but most especially with drugs of an opiate nature, the addict will lose all interest in being social. They will no longer want to hang out with friends or go to do activities that they used to have interest in before the drugs took hold. They may only be interested in holing themselves up in their apartment or home and taking drugs to dull whatever pain they are going through. If you have a friend who no longer seems interested in being social, they may have become addicted to drugs through an over prescription of opiates

6. If a person seems overly tense or anxious for an extended period of time, this could be another sign that they are suffering from a drug problem. Very often the drug or the lack of being able to take it on a regular basis will play havoc with their mental state. It is in this regard that the addict finds their greatest trouble. They cannot help themselves from acting nervous or from constantly thinking about the drug. This will lead to wide-eyed anxiety and feelings of helplessness that can deteriorate otherwise normal social situations very quickly.

7. An addict may have different physical reactions depending on what type or kind of drug they are taking so it is important to know what to watch out for. For instance, an opiate addict may have twitching muscles or goosebumps upon their skin, a cocaine addict may have visions of disorder or have a tendency to frantically wor their jaw in a clenching grinding motion. The marijuana addict may experience feelings of annoyance or feel sensations such as a tingling or burning in places where these sensations should not be felt.

By remembering these signs and symptoms, it may be possible to identify the addict before it is too late. The addict needs help, not condemnation.

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