How To Take Steroids And Stay Healthy?


It’s become an age old debate; can you actually take anabolic steroids and remain healthy?

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Considering that buying injectable steroids at or any one of the other hundreds of sites out there is a simple mouse click away, it’s important that prospective users arm themselves to the teeth with the knowledge they need to use these items safely.

So many individuals over the years have widely criticised anabolic steroids and their effects on the human body, saying that they are detrimental and lead to a shorter lifespan.

On balance, the bodybuilding community has always stood by their decisions, claiming that they are actually some of the healthiest individuals on the planet.

What’s the truth of the situation though? Are steroids actually bad for your health? Perhaps the reality is that this isn’t a black and white subject as many believe it is.

Let’s find out a little more.

Maybe The Product Isn’t To Blame

This aspect of steroid use is comparable to the old “is the gun the problem, or is it the person who pulled the trigger?” scenario; anabolic steroids are largely designed for use within medical scenarios, as such, they are supposed to be used by humans.

The problem lies in the fact that the doses needed for enhanced anabolism far surpass the guidelines stated for pharmaceutical integration. This isn’t necessarily a problem in itself as with the right supplementary material, adverse issue risk can be “tamed.”

Where problems often begin to arise is when users abandon all logic in regards to using doses that are relevant for their current level of experience or tolerance. It’s not too uncommon for complete novices to try and use steroid quantities that are in line with those needed for professional bodybuilders.

This often results in the manifestation of extremely adverse issues. Should the user have administered in line with their circumstances whilst using the relevant cycle support however, it’s unlikely that any issue would be encountered.

This is only the same as an over the counter painkiller, whereas sticking to the recommended, tried and tested dose based on circumstance and age will almost always be fine – but if you choose to take more than you need, you are simply opening yourself up to negative issues.

It’s the aforementioned supplementary material (in the form of intra and post cycle support) that must be taken into consideration here too – if you don’t use it, you’re going to land yourself in a whole world of trouble.

This wouldn’t be the steroids fault; it’s be yours. It’d be irresponsible to say that these compounds aren’t dangerous, but they present a danger that can be controlled with relative ease should you be a healthy individual to begin with.

This is where we must now consider perhaps the most important element of steroid use.

Pre Cycle Health Checks

If you simply look for oral dianabol for sale at or another leading site then take it and hope for the best with no prior knowledge of your current physical circumstances, then you’re essentially playing a game of Russian roulette.

Every prospective and current user should consult with their GP for a general check up prior to, during and after using anabolic produce if they want to ensure that everything is in the “green.”

Should you have any underlying conditions that could be worsened through the integration of steroids, then it’s important that you find out BEFORE taking them – not when something has already gone wrong.

By doing this, you’re going to doubly optimise if not guarantee the complete mitigation of any risk whilst using them. It might cost to perform these check ups, but if you’re serious about taking steroids then you need to be serious about your health too – this means investing in it.

Should you keep all of the above information in mind, then yes, you really can stay healthy whilst using anabolic steroids. Problems will arise however should you choose to abandon this advice.

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