How to Really Burn Calories While Watching Television


The number one reason why people avoid the gym is because they claim they don’t have time to workout. When you need to work eight hours or more, then pick the kids up and get home in time to make dinner, you probably laugh at the idea of taking an hour out of your already busy schedule just to swing by the gym. That does not mean that you can skip working out though. You really can burn hundreds of calories while sitting at home and watching your favorite shows on television.

Make a Plan

Do not even think about starting unless you have a plan in mind. Think about how much time you have available to determine how much time you can spend to working out. Once you know what you want to do, get it all down on paper. Write down how long you want to workout each night and which nights you want to work. Make sure that you make note of any commitments that you have during the week too. After working extra hours on a special project, you might not be in the right frame of mind to exercise.

Do Target Training

Target training refers to exercises that you do to target a specific area of your body. If you want to get those sculpted abs that your favorite celebrities have, the plank is a great exercise to try. This exercise has you start out flat on the floor with your toes slightly bent. You carefully lift up as you inhale and bring your body to a plank position with your hands and feet on the floor. A modified version lets you target one side of your body at a time. Doing simple target exercises lets you exercise during commercial breaks.

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Use the Right Tools

You really only need a few tools to workout at home while watching television like a set of hand weights and an exercise board. If you’re the type of person who gets antsy when sitting for long periods of time, try holding a set of one-pound or two-pound weights in your hands. You can use those weights to do simple exercises like bicep curls and overhead presses. A board designed for use at home can help you get in shape and burn calories too. These boards sit on the floor and move as you move to help you work on your abs and other parts of your body.

Get Others Involved

Working out with a buddy can give you all the motivation that you need to get in shape. Let your family know that you’re serious about burning calories and losing weight while at home. They can remind you to get off the couch and get moving during the next commercial break, and they can even workout with you to help you stay motivated. If you exercise during each commercial break while watching an hour-long show, you’ll have the chance to target and hit every muscle group that you want to tone up.

Going to the gym is difficult and sometimes impossible for most people because of their busy schedules. You can get in shape at home instead. Work with others to stay motivated, use the right tools and follow a plan to target all muscles in your body.

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