How To Prevent Back Pain


back pain

How To Prevent Back Pain

Back injuries and back pain are one of the most problematic injuries that someone can obtain because sometimes the pain just won’t go away. I know what it’s like, and there’s a good chance you do too as back pain is more than likely to effect every person at some point in their lives. Let’s go over a few things that cause lower back pain and how we can go about fixing the problem once and for all.

How Does Back Pain Develop?

Pains in your back generally can occur from two different causes. The first way is from injury or over exertion, which usually happens in an accident or sport. The second cause of back pain is when the discs in the spine slowly move out of place, this can happen from old age, bad posture, incorrect lifting, and other bad practices.

The majority of people suffer from the second way, which is when the back slowly gets overworked and the discs move out of place. This type of pain can start mild and be there for the long term, it can also come and go in strong doses, especially during any kind of physical activity.

How To Treat Back Pain Problems

We treat back pain issues the same way we would treat any other type of problem. First a check up from the doctor is a must, especially if the pain is quite severe. If you only have a mild pain, then you can skip the check up and move onto the next step.

The best way to treat back pain is to prevent it, you can start doing this from day one. Some things you are going to need to relearn how to do such as sitting, standing, sleeping, lifting, and getting out of bed. Since your back pain was most likely caused from bad usage of the back, you will need to rest your spine and start using it the right way. When you stand you need to learn how to find neutral standing position, same with when you lay down and sit. If you have a desk job which requires long hours at a computer than regular breaks are a must. Try to take a 30 second break every hour and a 10 minute break every 2 hours. Get up and walk around, or stretch, grab a glass of water.

Exercises and stretches are also very helpful, but these alone will not fix your back pain; they will however help you feel better. Correcting your posture is the main focus and you should be putting most of your energy into that. Once you start getting that under control you can begin stretches and exercises.

Is is also been proven that eating healthy and drinking lots of water is very important for your joints and muscles. Water will help cushion your joints so that they do not hurt as much and good nutrition is important for pretty much anything when it comes to health.

If you still need help here is a follow up article for you to read.

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